Panasonic patents granted on 01 April 2014

51 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,689,293 Access control device, access control method, program, storage medium, and integrated circuit
2 8,689,262 Broadcast receiving device
3 8,689,245 Optical pickup device transfer mechanism
4 8,689,212 Information processing device for controlling an application able to access a predetermined device, and control method using an information processing device for controlling an application able to access a predetermined device
5 8,688,970 Access-network to core-network trust relationship detection for a mobile node
6 8,688,896 High speed writing mode in memory controller, nonvolatile storage device, accessing device, nonvolatile storage system, and method and program for writing data
7 8,688,633 Content search device, content search method, program
8 8,688,587 Content recording apparatus, method for controlling the content recording apparatus, and recording program for the content recording apparatus
9 8,688,442 Audio decoding apparatus, audio coding apparatus, and system comprising the apparatuses
10 8,688,440 Coding apparatus, decoding apparatus, coding method and decoding method
11 8,688,067 Sampling circuit and receiver using same
12 8,687,943 Readout apparatus, readout method, and recording method
13 8,687,938 Video recording system, video recording apparatus, and video recording method
14 8,687,904 Image coding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus which include arithmetic coding or arithmetic decoding
15 8,687,874 Method of inspecting organic electroluminescence display device
16 8,687,851 Generic object-based image recognition apparatus with exclusive classifier, and method for the same
17 8,687,694 Reference picture selection method and apparatus
18 8,687,575 Wireless communication terminal apparatus, wireless communication base station apparatus, and cluster constellation setting method
19 8,687,541 Logical channel prioritization procedure for generating multiple uplink transport blocks
20 8,687,475 Optical pickup device, optical pickup unit and data streamer apparatus
21 8,687,440 Semiconductor memory device
22 8,687,409 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
23 8,687,353 Electronic equipment
24 8,687,285 Lens barrel
25 8,687,144 Liquid crystal display including a diffusion plate with a bulge
26 8,687,118 Repeater being utilized between a source and sink device for lip-syncing in an HDMI system
27 8,687,116 Video output device and video display system
28 8,687,075 Imaging apparatus and information display method for imaging apparatus
29 8,687,053 Stereoscopic image display device
30 8,687,024 Pixel circuit and display apparatus
31 8,686,894 Radar imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program thereof
32 8,686,809 Ladder-type filter including a dielectric film having a side surface with a heightwise inclination
33 8,686,792 Amplifying device
34 8,686,704 Current sense circuit and switching regulator using the same
35 8,686,667 Lighting power source with controlled charging operation for driving capacitor
36 8,686,655 Lighting circuit, lamp, and illumination apparatus
37 8,686,637 Organic EL device
38 8,686,564 Semiconductor device
39 8,686,561 Nitride-based semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
40 8,686,545 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
41 8,686,544 Semiconductor device
42 8,686,439 Silicon carbide semiconductor element
43 8,686,390 Nonvolatile memory element having a variable resistance layer whose resistance value changes according to an applied electric signal
44 8,686,299 Electronic element unit and reinforcing adhesive agent
45 8,685,631 Inspection method for patterning of photoresist
46 8,685,554 Battery system
47 8,685,518 Information recording medium and method for producing same
48 8,685,495 Method for manufacturing multilayer information recording medium
49 8,684,568 LED unit and illumination apparatus using same
50 8,684,562 Semiconductor light emitting apparatus and light source apparatus using the same
51 8,683,884 Motion conversion device, flexible actuator using the same, and joint driving unit