Panasonic patents granted on 01 May 2012

58 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,338 Modulation method and radio communication system
2 D658,699 Projector
3 D658,627 Telephone base unit
4 D658,614 Television apparatus
5 8,171,566 Copyright protection data processing system and reproduction device
6 8,171,313 Communication device and power supply method
7 8,171,284 Encryption device, decryption device, encryption method, and decryption method
8 8,171,144 AV server apparatus and connection management method
9 8,171,072 Media contents distribution system and method
10 8,170,869 Method to detect and assist user intentions with real time visual feedback based on interaction language constraints and pattern recognition of sensory features
11 8,170,719 Control apparatus and control method for robot arm, robot, control program for robot arm, and integrated electronic circuit for controlling robot arm
12 8,170,571 Base station and mobile station communicating with OFDM system using a plurality of subcarriers and communication method with OFDM system using a plurality of subcarriers
13 8,170,564 Communication terminal apparatus, network system and handover method
14 8,170,493 Transmission device, and wireless communication apparatus using the same
15 8,170,400 Information recording medium, and multiplexing device
16 8,170,393 Digital broadcast reproduction device and digital broadcast recording device
17 8,170,359 Encoding device and encoding method
18 8,170,277 Automatic tracking apparatus and automatic tracking method
19 8,170,247 Hearing aid
20 8,170,227 Noise control device
21 8,170,162 Inter-carrier interference removal device and reception device using the same
22 8,170,136 Radio transmitting apparatus and radio transmitting method
23 8,170,130 Transmission method and transmission system
24 8,170,115 Media processing method and media processing program
25 8,170,103 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
26 8,170,010 Multiple interface mobile node with simultaneous home- and foreign network connection
27 8,169,984 Communication system, radio lan base station control device, and radio lan base station device
28 8,169,970 Handover method and mobile communication system
29 8,169,883 Optical disk, method for manufacturing the same, and method for recording and method for reproducing data using optical disk
30 8,169,863 Tracking control device, tracking control method, and optical disc device
31 8,169,848 Nonvolatile memory device, nonvolatile memory system, and access device
32 8,169,722 Flexible printed circuit, image pickup device, and electronic equipment
33 8,169,558 Liquid crystal display device
34 8,169,540 Compact camera body to which interchangeable lens unit is mountable
35 8,169,535 Interchangeable lens, camera body and camera system
36 8,169,514 Defective pixel detecting device, defective pixel detecting method, record medium storing a program for detecting defective pixels, and imaging apparatus
37 8,169,500 Dynamic range compression apparatus, dynamic range compression method, computer-readable recording medium, integrated circuit, and imaging apparatus
38 8,169,482 Monitor video accumulation system
39 8,169,481 System architecture and process for assessing multi-perspective multi-context abnormal behavior
40 8,169,465 3D video processor and 3D video processing method
41 8,169,427 Display module
42 8,169,424 Active matrix display device
43 8,169,393 Display device
44 8,169,385 Image display device
45 8,169,170 Motor driving device, motor device, and integrated circuit device
46 8,169,164 Light output control device for laser light source
47 8,169,143 Plasma display panel having electron emitting material
48 8,168,978 Display device
49 8,168,444 Substrate having channel portion including chambers, and method of transferring liquid by using the substrate
50 8,168,334 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
51 8,168,314 Method for evaluating internal short-circuit of battery, device for evaluating internal short-circuit of battery, battery, battery pack and their manufacturing methods
52 8,167,507 Focal plane shutter device and imaging device
53 8,167,469 Surface light emitting apparatus emitting laser light
54 8,167,453 Illumination device including interchangeable sensor and decoration members
55 8,167,138 Dry washing device
56 8,166,999 Gas block device and gas block method
57 8,166,875 Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method
58 8,166,827 MEMS device and method for manufacturing the same