Panasonic patents granted on 01 September 2009

46 US patents granted on 01 September 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE40,895 Optical head and apparatus for and method of storing and reproducing optical information
2 RE40,892 Network facsimile apparatus
3 D599,163 Microwave oven
4 7,584,464 Software processing method and software processing system
5 7,584,367 Power control device for processor
6 7,584,356 Broadcast receiving apparatus
7 7,584,315 Integrated circuit monitoring an internal signal converted from an analog input signal
8 7,584,312 Data processing apparatus having improved buffer management
9 7,584,295 DSL communication apparatus, and download method of DSL communication program
10 7,583,940 Transmission circuit and communication apparatus employing the same
11 7,583,899 Space optical transmission apparatus and space optical transmission system
12 7,583,888 Reproduction device, program, and reproduction method
13 7,583,850 Image-processing apparatus and method
14 7,583,845 Associative vector storage system supporting fast similarity search based on self-similarity feature extractions across multiple transformed domains
15 7,583,812 Electro-acoustic converter and electronic device using the same
16 7,583,736 Radio transmission device, radio reception device, and method for selecting transmission cancellation subcarriers
17 7,583,734 Two-wire type data communication method and system, controller and data recording apparatus
18 7,583,731 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
19 7,583,701 Apparatus and method for transmitting or receiving an uncompressed packet followed by compressed packets
20 7,583,614 Hybrid ARQ technique for data transmission
21 7,583,578 Optical storage medium inspection method for determining if an optical storage medium is good or defective
22 7,583,543 Semiconductor memory device including write selectors
23 7,583,523 Three phase inverter control circuit detecting two phase currents and deducting or adding identical ON periods
24 7,583,494 Electrical double layer capacitor and production method therefor
25 7,583,431 Wavelength conversion optical device, laser light source, and image display optical device
26 7,583,403 Image processing device
27 7,583,347 Liquid crystal display having electrodes constituted by a transparent electric conductor
28 7,583,316 Digital camera and mobile telephone having digital camera
29 7,583,240 Method of driving plasma display panel
30 7,583,227 Electronic device with built-in antenna
31 7,583,080 Rotation angle detection device and rotation angle correction method
32 7,583,033 Plasma display panel driving circuit and plasma display apparatus
33 7,583,026 Plasma display panel having a protective layer preventing an increase in firing voltage
34 7,582,996 Dynamic pressure bearing motor
35 7,582,968 Wiring board with a protective film greater in heights than bumps
36 7,582,959 Driver module structure with flexible circuit board
37 7,582,944 Optical apparatus and optical module using the same
38 7,582,492 Method of doping impurities, and electronic element using the same
39 7,582,394 Photomask and method for forming pattern
40 7,582,389 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
41 7,582,371 Fuel cell system having fuel and water controlling means
42 7,582,351 Composite thin film holding substrate, transparent conductive film holding substrate, and panel light emitting body
43 7,582,191 Process for producing loudspeaker diaphragm, loudspeaker diaphragm produced by the process, and loudspeaker with the diaphragm
44 7,581,584 Air conditioning seat device
45 7,581,313 Component mounting method and mounter
46 7,581,287 Vacuum cleaner with spiral air guide