Panasonic patents granted on 01 September 2015

50 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,663 OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal and E-commerce system
2 RE45,662 OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal and E-commerce system
3 D737,871 Draft chamber
4 D737,781 Connector
5 D737,773 Socket for light-emitting diode lamp
6 9,125,329 Electronic component mounting line and electronic component mounting method
7 9,125,307 Flexible metal-cladded base material, method for producing flexible metal-cladded base material, printed wiring board, multilayer flexible printed wiring board, and flex-rigid printed wiring board
8 9,125,264 Lighting device
9 9,125,198 Communication apparatus and communication method
10 9,125,178 Wireless communication system, wireless communication center module, wireless communication method, and method and program for relaying wireless communication
11 9,124,984 Hearing aid, signal processing method, and program
12 9,124,939 Image output apparatus, measurement assistance system, image output controller, and image outputting method
13 9,124,913 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
14 9,124,897 Motion vector coding method and motion vector decoding method
15 9,124,896 Motion vector coding method and motion vector decoding method
16 9,124,871 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding device and image coding device
17 9,124,868 3D encoding apparatus
18 9,124,851 Video-display control device for correcting a video signal and controlling a backlight
19 9,124,827 Image-capturing apparatus having a control unit to vary a variable sensitivity voltage based on an output level of image-captured data
20 9,124,761 Television communication system, terminal, and method
21 9,124,348 Mobile terminal having a microphone sound hole and speaker sound hole disposed on the same plane
22 9,124,325 Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, retransmission method and resource allocation method
23 9,124,275 Touch panel
24 9,124,240 Acoustic wave device and antenna duplexer employing the same
25 9,124,239 Elastic wave device
26 9,124,106 Battery charger cradle
27 9,124,100 Power supply system, control device of power supply system, operation method of power supply system, and control method of power supply system
28 9,124,011 Connector, and header and socket to be used in the same
29 9,123,379 Disk
30 9,123,350 Method and system for extracting audio features from an encoded bitstream for audio classification
31 9,123,334 Vector quantization of algebraic codebook with high-pass characteristic for polarity selection
32 9,123,322 Howling suppression device, hearing aid, howling suppression method, and integrated circuit
33 9,123,146 Stereoscopic image display control apparatus, and stereoscopic image display control method
34 9,122,286 Integrated circuit apparatus, three-dimensional integrated circuit, three-dimensional processor device, and process scheduler, with configuration taking account of heat
35 9,122,137 Housing for projection display device and projection display device including housing for projection display device
36 9,122,135 Lens shift mechanism and projection image display device
37 9,122,127 Lens hood and imaging apparatus
38 9,122,032 Light receiving device
39 9,121,997 Lens barrel
40 9,121,944 Mid-infrared vehicle early warning system
41 9,121,924 Method for determination of wireless terminals positions and associated system and apparatus thereof
42 9,121,894 Three-dimensional integrated circuit and testing method for the same
43 9,121,829 Crystallinity evaluation method, crystallinity evaluation device, and computer software thereof
44 9,121,702 Distance measurement apparatus and distance measurement method
45 9,121,694 Position detection device
46 9,121,593 Lighting apparatus and lighting apparatus assembly using the same
47 9,121,551 Method for collecting droplet attached on external surface of needle into capillary tube
48 9,120,613 Package device for thin display device
49 9,120,256 Injection molding method and injection molding machine
50 9,119,449 Biological information measurement device and protective cover