Panasonic patents granted on 02 August 2011

63 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,585 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, reproduction method and defect management method
2 7,992,186 Broadcasting receiver and volume control method thereof
3 7,992,182 Information provisioning apparatus and information provisioning method
4 7,992,180 Image displaying apparatus and method
5 7,992,159 Optical pickup device and optical disc device with such optical pickup device mounted thereon
6 7,992,118 Semiconductor integrated circuit and design method for semiconductor integrated circuit
7 7,992,095 Character input system including application device and input server
8 7,992,041 Peripheral device, integrated circuit for peripheral device and method for analyzing failure of peripheral device
9 7,991,997 System and method for providing searchable data transport stream encryption
10 7,991,945 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device
11 7,991,873 UI display apparatus and method for displaying, on a screen, an icon representing a device connected to a network
12 7,991,611 Speech encoding apparatus and speech encoding method that encode speech signals in a scalable manner, and speech decoding apparatus and speech decoding method that decode scalable encoded signals
13 7,991,366 Methods and apparatus for reconstructing amplitude modulation signals in polar modulation transmitters
14 7,991,275 Imaging apparatus
15 7,991,270 Recording medium, reproducing device, recording method, and reproducing method
16 7,991,264 Recording medium on which 3D video is recorded, playback apparatus for playing back 3D video, and system LSI
17 7,991,263 Recording medium on which 3D video is recorded, playback apparatus for playing back 3D video, and system LSI
18 7,991,262 Recording medium on which 3D video is recorded, playback apparatus for playing back 3D video, and system LSI
19 7,991,234 Apparatus and method for image-classifying, and recording medium storing computer-readable program for the same
20 7,991,181 Loudspeaker system
21 7,991,161 System and method for automatic security authentication in wireless networks
22 7,991,155 Backup management device, backup management method, computer program, recording medium, integrated circuit, and backup system
23 7,991,089 Inter-carrier interference removal device and reception device using the same
24 7,991,058 OFDM reception device
25 7,991,004 Channel arrangement method and wireless communication base station device
26 7,990,825 Drive device
27 7,990,820 Optical disc verification method and optical disc medium
28 7,990,819 Optical head apparatus and optical information apparatus
29 7,990,754 Resistance variable memory apparatus
30 7,990,681 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
31 7,990,560 IP communication apparatus, IP communication system, and data transmission method thereof
32 7,990,479 Communication system and communication method
33 7,990,465 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, storage medium, and integrated circuit
34 7,990,454 Phase adjustment device capable of high speed operation and digital camera utilizing the same
35 7,990,426 Phase adjusting device and digital camera
36 7,990,424 Imaging data processing device, imaging data processing method, and imaging element
37 7,990,345 Plasma display panel and drive method therefor
38 7,990,344 Plasma display panel driving method having a high temperature and low temperature driving mode and plasma display device thereof
39 7,990,343 False contour reduction device, display device, false contour reduction method, and false contour reduction program
40 7,990,342 Image display method and image display device
41 7,990,326 Antenna apparatus and adjusting method thereof
42 7,990,250 Remote control transmitter and transmitting-receiving system
43 7,990,221 Detector circuit and system for a wireless communication
44 7,990,123 DCDC converter with soft-startup and soft-transition for adjustable output voltage
45 7,990,075 High intensity discharge lamp lighting device and lighting fixture
46 7,990,067 Plasma display panel
47 7,990,065 Plasma display panel with improved luminance
48 7,990,035 Metal vapor discharge lamp with a restrain member for inner tube
49 7,989,964 Semiconductor integrated circuit
50 7,989,947 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,989,845 Semiconductor device having a hetero-junction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof
52 7,989,803 Manufacturing method for semiconductor chips and semiconductor wafer
53 7,989,752 Solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device manufacturing method
54 7,989,334 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
55 7,989,148 Method for forming photoelectric composite board
56 7,989,108 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and producing method thereof
57 7,989,102 Battery pack structure with heater
58 7,988,770 Gas adsorbing device, vacuum heat insulator making use of gas adsorbing device and process for producing vacuum heat insulator
59 7,988,743 Method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
60 7,988,305 Projection type display device and light source device
61 7,988,304 Video projector
62 7,987,731 Ultrasonic flowmeter including an oscillation start unit for acceleration stability of the oscillator
63 7,987,715 Angular speed sensor