Panasonic patents granted on 02 December 2014

58 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D718,900 Electric shaver
2 D718,782 Display screen with graphical user interface
3 D718,737 Speaker box
4 8,904,518 Information processing device, information processing method, and program distribution system
5 8,904,491 Network connecting device and method
6 8,904,416 Content playback apparatus, content playback method, program, and integrated circuit
7 8,904,413 Magazine box
8 8,903,896 Client terminal, content utilizing system, and data transmitting/receiving method
9 8,903,663 Flow measurement device
10 8,903,388 Compact base station device and signaling method
11 8,903,164 Disparity calculating apparatus and disparity calculating method
12 8,903,135 Stereo image processing apparatus and method of processing stereo image
13 8,903,100 Loudspeaker control apparatus and method for inspecting loudspeaker
14 8,903,000 Transmission circuit, reception circuit, transmission method, reception method, communication system and communication method therefor
15 8,902,987 Motion vector coding method and motion vector decoding method
16 8,902,985 Image coding method and image coding apparatus for determining coding conditions based on spatial-activity value
17 8,902,871 Wireless base station and wireless communication terminal and wireless communication system
18 8,902,764 Base station device, terminal device, and closed loop control method
19 8,902,635 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and method of writing thereby
20 8,902,629 Forming method of performing forming on variable resistance nonvolatile memory element, and variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
21 8,902,581 Electronic device
22 8,902,514 Diffractive lens
23 8,902,506 Laser speckle reduction element
24 8,902,394 Display device comprising a flexible board including a first wiring portion that is narrower than a second wiring portion and wherein the second wiring portion does not overlap a terminal portion
25 8,902,389 Liquid crystal display device
26 8,902,368 Baseband video data transmission device and reception device, and transceiver system with reduced power consumption by intermittent transmission reception of a video signal
27 8,902,339 Solid-state imaging element and dispersing element array for improved color imaging
28 8,902,338 Color separation filter array, solid-state imaging element, imaging device, and display device
29 8,902,337 Imaging apparatus with shadow estimation
30 8,902,301 Organic electroluminescence display device, video display system, and video display method
31 8,902,293 Imaging device
32 8,902,291 Three-dimensional image pickup device
33 8,902,285 Wireless communication apparatus for transmitting information on control timing and detecting cause of transmission timing adjustment
34 8,902,277 Communication device, communication method therefor, and communication program therefor
35 8,902,240 Image processing device
36 8,902,147 Gate signal line driving circuit and display device
37 8,902,130 Image display device
38 8,902,117 Antenna apparatus including dipole antenna and parasitic element arrays for forming pseudo-slot openings
39 8,902,058 Brake pedal sensor and stop lamp lighting device
40 8,902,049 Lighting remote control system
41 8,901,891 Voltage polarity determination circuit and charge amount measurement circuit
42 8,901,872 Motor controller
43 8,901,788 Electric motor with rotating body and electric device provided therewith
44 8,901,728 Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same
45 8,901,594 Organic EL display panel and method for manufacturing same
46 8,901,587 Display panel apparatus and manufacturing method of display panel apparatus
47 8,901,546 Organic light-emitting panel, manufacturing method thereof, and organic display device
48 8,901,470 Microwave heating apparatus
49 8,901,454 Arc welding control method
50 8,900,965 Nonvolatile memory device manufacturing method
51 8,900,852 Amplification reaction vessel, and method of manufacturing the same
52 8,900,430 Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device
53 8,899,849 Camera apparatus and method of controlling camera apparatus
54 8,899,765 Stroboscopic device
55 8,899,760 Light projection apparatus and lighting apparatus
56 8,899,752 Visual fatigue level measuring device, visual fatigue level measuring method, visual fatigue level measuring system, and three-dimensional glasses
57 8,899,485 Read label used as information recording medium and method for recording information thereon
58 8,898,856 Dirt cup with secondary cyclonic cleaning chambers