Panasonic patents granted on 02 July 2013

52 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,479,231 Program receiving apparatus, program transmission/reception system, program reception method, program, and recording medium
2 8,479,018 System for making program difficult to read, device for making program difficult to read, and method for making program difficult to read
3 8,479,000 Information processing device, authentication system, authentication device, information processing method, information processing program, recording medium, and integrated circuit
4 8,478,925 Communication device, television receiver, and reproduction device
5 8,478,587 Voice analysis device, voice analysis method, voice analysis program, and system integration circuit
6 8,478,486 Vehicle control device and vehicle control method
7 8,478,327 Feedback control for multicast or broadcast services
8 8,478,106 Recording/reproducing device
9 8,477,956 Howling suppression device, howling suppression method, program, and integrated circuit
10 8,477,870 Transmitter including polar modulation circuit
11 8,477,857 Efficient cartesian transmitter using signal combiner
12 8,477,838 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
13 8,477,789 Transmission device and reception device
14 8,477,723 Image display device and wireless communication system
15 8,477,692 Radio communication system
16 8,477,584 Optical head, optical disc drive, computer, optical discplayer and optical disc recorder
17 8,477,583 Optical pickup and optical disc device including the same
18 8,477,478 Capacitor
19 8,477,398 Optical reflection element
20 8,477,234 Brightness sensing system and illumination system using the same
21 8,477,229 Imaging apparatus
22 8,477,212 Camera device, exposure control method, and program
23 8,477,179 Method of transmitting video data for wirelessly transmitting three-dimensional video data
24 8,477,150 Display signal conversion apparatus
25 8,477,131 Display device
26 8,477,086 Organic electroluminescence display
27 8,476,991 Elastic wave resonator, elastic wave filter, and antenna sharing device using the same
28 8,476,973 Switch device and layout design method for switch device
29 8,476,952 Multiphase mixer
30 8,476,915 Apparatus and method for determining the type of electromagnetic wave generating source
31 8,476,866 Battery charger capable of notifying a user of a power connection state thereof
32 8,476,733 Semiconductor element and manufacturing method therefor
33 8,476,714 Semiconductor device
34 8,476,680 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
35 8,476,568 Solid-state imaging device that adjusts frequency of a clock to change a gain of a counter to a determined gain
36 8,476,532 Multilayer flexible printed circuit board and electronic device
37 8,476,098 Method for fabricating solar cell comprising condenser lens and photoelectric conversion element
38 8,475,965 Fuel cell power generation system with valve on raw material gas supply passage and valve downstream of carbon monoxide decreasing unit, and method for operating fuel cell power generation system
39 8,475,958 Nickel hydrogen storage battery and method for manufacturing negative electrode thereof
40 8,475,952 Battery module and battery pack using the same
41 8,475,876 Apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste with homogeneous distribution of coating amount of electrode mixture paste
42 8,475,692 Nanofiber manufacturing apparatus and nanofiber manufacturing method
43 8,475,646 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
44 8,475,638 Biosensor
45 8,475,062 Shutter drive device, shutter device, and imaging device
46 8,475,016 Optical device
47 8,475,004 Optical sheet, light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing optical sheet
48 8,474,985 Projector lamp lighting device supplying AC current including low frequency region having current reduction waveform
49 8,474,731 Reduced water mist generator and method of producing reduced water mist
50 8,474,469 Cleaning device of hair removing apparatus
51 8,474,315 Capacitive liquid-level sensor
52 8,474,075 Bed