Panasonic patents granted on 02 March 2010

32 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D611,150 Blood pressure measuring apparatus
2 D611,039 Antenna
3 D611,038 Antenna
4 7,673,311 Disc cartridge for storage of a disc
5 7,673,205 Semiconductor IC and testing method thereof
6 7,672,777 Moving history conversion apparatus and moving history conversion method
7 7,672,574 Data broadcast playback control device, data broadcast playback control method data broadcast playback control program, and recording medium recording program thereon
8 7,672,572 Recording apparatus and recording method
9 7,672,571 Reproduction apparatus for selectively switching between first information and second information
10 7,672,570 Reproducing apparatus, program and reproducing method
11 7,672,394 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
12 7,672,366 Line quality report accuracy measurement device and accuracy measurement method
13 7,671,818 Antenna device with integrated connection cable, and radio apparatus
14 7,671,777 AD converter
15 7,671,775 Digital-to-analog converter
16 7,671,658 Mixer having frequency selection function
17 7,671,516 Ultrasonic actuator
18 7,671,464 Lighting device having a lighting unit with an optical semiconductor bare chip mounted on printed wiring board
19 7,671,438 Solid-state imaging device
20 7,671,409 Wide gap semiconductor power device with temperature independent resistivity due to channel region resistivity having negative temperature dependence
21 7,671,386 Solid-state imaging device, signal charge detection device, and camera
22 7,671,335 Infrared detector and process for fabricating the same
23 7,671,317 Physical quantity detecting apparatus and method for driving the same
24 7,670,854 Immunological assay and chip
25 7,670,744 Toner, method for producing toner, two component developer, and image forming apparatus
26 7,670,723 Positive electrode active material, production method thereof and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
27 7,670,717 Spirally-wound non-aqueous secondary battery and electrode plate used therefor
28 7,670,706 Fuel cartridge for fuel cell, and fuel cell
29 7,670,705 Fuel cell system with purifying apparatus
30 7,669,780 Fluid supply nozzle, substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
31 7,669,317 Method for reversing a chip vertically
32 7,669,283 Method and apparatus for deep cleaning rug or carpet