Panasonic patents granted on 03 August 2010

47 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,469 Optical disk recording method employing a plurality of recording areas and apparatus therefor
2 RE41,465 Plasma display and method for producing the same
3 D621,097 Electric shaver
4 D621,049 Glucose meter
5 7,770,227 Right information management method and right information management device
6 7,769,812 Apparatus and method for receiving image
7 7,769,584 Encoder, decoder, encoding method, and decoding method
8 7,769,358 Radio system, radio transmitter, and radio receiver
9 7,769,285 Imaging device
10 7,769,238 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
11 7,769,227 Object detector
12 7,769,083 Image processing and transmission using high and low compression ratios depending on image change conditions
13 7,769,060 Laser light source, and display device using the same
14 7,768,922 Communication terminal device, method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit for use in communication network system
15 7,768,898 Multi-layer information storage medium and information apparatus
16 7,768,895 Optical pickup device and optical disk drive
17 7,768,893 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction method, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus
18 7,768,892 Recording device, reproduction device, host device, drive device, recording method, reproduction method, program, and information recording medium
19 7,768,891 Optical disc recording and reproduction apparatus having automatic gate signal generation modes
20 7,768,882 Focal control adjusting method and optical disk apparatus
21 7,768,811 Ferroelectric memory apparatus and control method of the same
22 7,768,795 Electronic circuit device, electronic device using the same, and method for manufacturing the same
23 7,768,711 Manufacturing method of light-collecting device, light-collecting device and phase shift mask
24 7,768,474 Device for driving capacitive light emitting element
25 7,768,421 Control signal receiving apparatus
26 7,768,354 Radio-frequency power amplifier
27 7,768,310 Semiconductor device, method of switching drive capability of the semiconductor device, and system including semiconductor devices
28 7,768,308 Level shift circuit
29 7,768,285 Probe card for semiconductor IC test and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,768,236 Electrical device and battery pack for preventing polarity reversal of battery
31 7,768,226 Motor drive device and motor drive method
32 7,768,202 Plasma display device including a chassis member having a plurality of divided base metal plates
33 7,768,182 Flat display apparatus
34 7,768,138 Semiconductor device
35 7,768,090 Semiconductor photodetector device
36 7,767,953 Voltage generator, analog-to-digital converter, and image sensor system
37 7,767,554 Method of manufacturing semicondictor chip
38 7,767,551 Method for fabricating semiconductor chip
39 7,767,475 Light emitting device
40 7,767,348 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack using the same
41 7,767,341 Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and method for producing the negative electrode
42 7,767,340 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of producing coating for negative electrode active material thereof
43 7,767,339 Production method of non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
44 7,767,107 Process for producing aluminum electrode foil for capacitor and aluminum foil for etching
45 7,766,841 Sleep diagnosis device
46 7,766,715 Method of manufacturing plasma display panel and setter for substrate used therein
47 7,765,636 Vacuum cleaner and dust bag for vacuum cleaner