Panasonic patents granted on 03 February 2009

30 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D585,826 Separator for fuel cell
2 7,487,450 Computer display system, computer apparatus and display apparatus
3 7,487,351 Data use management system, transmitting apparatus having management function, and data use management method
4 7,486,940 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus
5 7,486,923 Heat generating roller, fixing equipment, and image forming apparatus
6 7,486,874 Image reproduction apparatus
7 7,486,837 Method, device, and program for image conversion, method, device and program for texture mapping, and server-client system
8 7,486,806 Iris encoding method, individual authentication method, iris code registration device, iris authentication device, and iris authentication program
9 7,486,789 Device and method for calculation on elliptic curve
10 7,486,734 Decoding and coding method of moving image signal, and decoding and coding apparatus of moving image signal using the same
11 7,486,700 Data transmission method for sequentially transmitting packets, data transmission apparatus, and data reception apparatus
12 7,486,606 Optical head and optical information apparatus for recording or reproducing information on an information recording medium
13 7,486,605 Recording method and media having marks and spaces with lengths defined by a predetermined modulation method
14 7,486,308 Image switching device and image outputting devices
15 7,486,276 Key event controlling apparatus
16 7,486,217 A/D converter
17 7,486,139 Variable transconductance circuit
18 7,486,113 Decoder circuit
19 7,486,010 Plasma display device and method of preparing phosphor
20 7,485,972 Semiconductor device
21 7,485,960 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,485,939 Solid-state imaging device having a defect control layer and an inversion layer between a trench and a charge accumulating area
23 7,485,935 Semiconductor memory device
24 7,485,913 Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
25 7,485,848 Optical device and production method thereof
26 7,485,575 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
27 7,485,465 Micro plate treating device and micro plate carrying method
28 7,485,355 Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
29 7,485,352 Vacuum heat insulator and apparatus using the same
30 7,484,410 Gyro sensor and sensor apparatus using same