Panasonic patents granted on 03 February 2015

38 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,949,972 Information recording device, recording medium, and information recording system
2 8,949,908 Content upload system and content distribution server
3 8,949,884 Broadcast receiving apparatus, broadcast receiving method, and program
4 8,949,335 Content processing device, content processing method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit for processing at least one of more contents
5 8,949,117 Encoding device, decoding device and methods therefor
6 8,948,603 Optical microphone
7 8,948,502 Image processing method, and image processor
8 8,948,448 Method and apparatus for trajectory estimation, and method for segmentation
9 8,948,305 Transmission method, transmission apparatus, reception method and reception apparatus
10 8,948,265 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
11 8,948,261 Moving picture coding and decoding method with replacement and temporal motion vectors
12 8,948,255 Moving picture coding method for quantizing a plurality of pictures using a quantization step and a small quantization step having a size smaller than a size of the quantization step
13 8,948,236 Radio terminal device, radio base station device, radio ranging system, and radio ranging method
14 8,948,233 Wireless relaying device, wireless transmission device, and wireless relaying method
15 8,948,118 Aperiodic triggering of channel quality information using physical downlink control channel
16 8,948,114 Transmission apparatus and transmission method using a plurality of divided frequency bands in a communication band
17 8,948,041 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
18 8,947,674 Surface profile measuring apparatus and method
19 8,947,610 Display device comprising a TFT with a barrier metal formed of a first layer and a second layer wherein an amount of oxygen in the first layer is larger than in the second layer
20 8,947,565 Solid-state image capture element and image capture device comprising said solid-state image capture element, and image capture control method and image capture control program
21 8,947,559 Recorder and player
22 8,947,309 Antenna device and display device
23 8,947,290 Successive approximation AD converter
24 8,947,166 Radio frequency power amplifier
25 8,946,826 Semiconductor device
26 8,946,824 Semiconductor device
27 8,946,746 Lead, wiring member, package part, metal part provided with resin and resin-sealed semiconductor device, and methods for producing same
28 8,946,730 Thin-film transistor device and method for manufacturing same, organic electroluminescent display element, and organic electroluminescent display device
29 8,946,693 Organic EL element, display device, and light-emitting device
30 8,946,579 Touch panel
31 8,946,563 Module with exposed parts of copper foil and process for production thereof
32 8,945,769 Accumulator material and accumulator device
33 8,945,411 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
34 8,945,369 Biosensor measurement system and measurement method
35 8,945,242 Method for producing lithium-ion battery
36 8,945,056 Injection device with puncture function, method for controlling injection device with puncture function, chemical solution administration device, and method for controlling chemical solution administration device
37 8,944,570 Piezoelectric film and ink jet head and angular velocity sensor using the same
38 8,943,893 Ultrasonic sensor