Panasonic patents granted on 03 January 2012

62 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,091,064 Supporting system, design supporting method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with design supporting program
2 8,090,957 Information security device, information security method, computer program, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
3 8,090,956 Program converting device, secure processing device, computer program, and recording medium
4 8,090,921 Processing device, computer system, and mobile apparatus
5 8,090,920 Recording medium, and information processing device and information processing method for the recording medium
6 8,090,811 Service provider for embedded devices using a message store
7 8,090,585 Audio decoding device
8 8,090,547 Ultrasonic measuring device and ultrasonic measuring method
9 8,090,498 Turning direction indicator
10 8,090,419 Folding portable wireless apparatus
11 8,090,408 Portable wireless device
12 8,090,239 Identification-information recording system, management unit, recording unit and recording control circuit
13 8,090,238 Reproducing apparatus
14 8,090,209 Image coding device, digital still camera, digital camcorder, imaging device, and image coding method
15 8,090,195 Compound eye imaging apparatus, distance measuring apparatus, disparity calculation method, and distance measuring method
16 8,090,034 Transmission apparatus and a reception apparatus in a multicarrier transmission system and a transmission method and a reception method using the multicarrier transmission system
17 8,089,981 Method of resolving duplicate MAC addresses, network device management system, server, and information device
18 8,089,954 IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and communications method
19 8,089,950 Wireless communication equipment and wireless communication method
20 8,089,945 Communication method, and transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus using that communication method
21 8,089,896 Network system
22 8,089,850 Optical pickup, optical disc apparatus, integrated coupling lens, integrated prism, and optical information equipment
23 8,089,847 Recording and reproducing apparatus
24 8,089,844 Method and device for optical recording onto optical disc medium
25 8,089,701 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
26 8,089,620 Method for measuring optical characteristics of diffraction optical element and apparatus for measuring optical characteristics of diffraction optical element
27 8,089,605 Liquid crystal display device
28 8,089,602 Display device with spacers having different heights and numbers
29 8,089,582 Liquid crystal display device comprising at least one groove having an end portion that stops short of the non-adjacent opposite side surfaces and extends in a direction perpendicular to the non-adjacent side surfaces
30 8,089,581 Display and illuminator
31 8,089,575 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
32 8,089,565 Digital signal receiver and method for controlling the same
33 8,089,548 Image processing device, method, and storage medium
34 8,089,539 Phase adjusting device and related art thereof
35 8,089,514 Moving image communication device, moving image communication system and semiconductor integrated circuit used for communication of moving image
36 8,089,507 Recording medium, playback device, system LSI, playback method, glasses, and display device for 3D images
37 8,089,505 Terminal apparatus, method and computer readable recording medium
38 8,089,477 Display device and method for controlling the same
39 8,089,457 Image operating device, image operating method, and image operating program embodied on computer readable medium
40 8,089,439 Image display device
41 8,089,428 Flat panel display apparatus
42 8,089,426 Plasma display panel drive method of determining a subfield, having a low luminance, for performing an every-cell initialization operation and setting a width of a sustain pulse of the subfield for performing the every-cell initialization operation
43 8,089,312 Amplifying circuit with bypass circuit, and electronic device using the same
44 8,089,215 Discharge lamp lighting device, headlight device and vehicle having the same
45 8,089,211 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
46 8,089,180 Integrated circuit device, method of controlling operation of integrated circuit device, and method of fabricating integrated circuit device
47 8,089,156 Electrode structure for semiconductor chip with crack suppressing dummy metal patterns
48 8,089,122 Vertical trench gate transistor semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
49 8,089,096 Field effect transistor with main surface including C-axis
50 8,089,018 Movable contact unit and method of manufacturing the same
51 8,088,989 Thermoelectric conversion material and thermoelectric conversion element
52 8,088,632 Elemental analysis method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
53 8,088,565 Exposure system and pattern formation method
54 8,088,517 Lithium ion secondary battery and production method thereof
55 8,088,510 Lithium secondary battery comprising double-structured battery case
56 8,088,508 Thermal battery
57 8,088,464 Information recording medium and method for manufacturing same
58 8,088,444 Method and apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste
59 8,088,271 Method of measuring hematocrit (Hct), sensor used in the method, and measuring device
60 8,088,123 Hair growth modulation device
61 8,087,296 Angular velocity sensor
62 8,087,260 Fluid machine and refrigeration cycle apparatus