Panasonic patents granted on 03 January 2017

34 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D775,681 Projector
2 D775,680 Interchangeable lens for camera
3 D775,612 Antenna
4 D775,610 Earphone
5 D775,607 Remote controller
6 D775,490 Microwave oven
7 9,538,602 Lighting control device and lighting control method
8 9,538,519 Wireless communication method of signaling CoMP states, and transmission point and user equipment therefor
9 9,538,451 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
10 9,538,399 Wireless communication apparatus and method for controlling wireless communication apparatus
11 9,538,375 Method for configuring wireless connection settings, wireless communications apparatus, and display method
12 9,538,307 Audio signal reproduction device and audio signal reproduction method
13 9,538,306 Surround component generator
14 9,538,219 Degree of interest estimating device and degree of interest estimating method
15 9,538,196 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
16 9,538,058 Imaging device
17 9,537,536 Communication method, program storage medium, mobile terminal, home electric appliance, and home electric appliance operation setting system
18 9,537,510 Variable shifter, decoder, and data shifting method
19 9,537,459 Audio system with parental maximum volume control
20 9,537,441 Epilator and method for driving epilator
21 9,537,244 Connector having an attachment piece not aligned with a protrusion formed in a sidewall of the connector body
22 9,536,949 Nitride semiconductor device comprising nitride semiconductor regrowth layer
23 9,536,687 Push switch
24 9,536,686 Cover for switch to which a frame is attachable and an operation terminal
25 9,536,581 Tamper-resistant non-volatile memory device
26 9,536,534 Speech/audio encoding apparatus, speech/audio decoding apparatus, and methods thereof
27 9,535,699 Processor, multiprocessor system, compiler, software system, memory control system, and computer system
28 9,535,432 Cooling system control apparatus
29 9,535,216 Optical waveguide dry film, and optical waveguide manufacturing method and optical waveguide using optical waveguide dry film
30 9,534,933 Capacitive encoder
31 9,534,802 Ventilation device
32 9,533,594 Vehicle-mounted apparatus, charger/discharger, and charge/discharge system
33 9,533,245 Filter device and analysis device using same
34 9,533,179 Fire damper for ventilating fan