Panasonic patents granted on 03 June 2014

62 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D706,098 Sealing gun
2 8,745,751 License information exchange system
3 8,745,735 Monitoring system, program-executing device, monitoring program, recording medium and integrated circuit
4 8,745,674 Apparatus for receiving broadcast signal
5 8,745,673 Wireless video transmission device, wireless video reception device and wireless video communication system using same
6 8,745,632 Broadcast receiving terminal and program execution method for resource reservation
7 8,745,569 Equivalent circuit of bidirectional switch, simulation method for bidirectional switch, and simulation device for bidirectional switch
8 8,745,532 Display device
9 8,745,473 Encoder, transmitting apparatus, coding method and transmission method
10 8,745,471 Low-density parity-check convolutional code (LDPC-CC) encoding method, encoder and decoder
11 8,744,448 Radio base station device, handover control system, and handover control method
12 8,744,253 Image blur correcting mechanism and imaging device
13 8,744,227 Method for forming mirror-reflecting film in optical wiring board, and optical wiring board
14 8,744,216 Omnidirectional image processing device and method using warp processing for enhanced object visibility
15 8,744,131 Pedestrian-crossing marking detecting method and pedestrian-crossing marking detecting device
16 8,744,116 Magnetic circuit for speaker and speaker using same
17 8,744,100 Hearing aid in which signal processing is controlled based on a correlation between multiple input signals
18 8,744,097 Microphone device
19 8,744,019 Delay detector circuit and receiver apparatus
20 8,744,005 Method and apparatus for generating modulation signals
21 8,744,001 Multimode transmitter apparatus
22 8,743,969 Image decoding method and apparatus based on a signal type of the control parameter of the current block
23 8,743,917 Wavelength conversion light source, optical element and image display device
24 8,743,805 Radio terminal device, radio base station device, and channel signal forming method
25 8,743,769 Radio communication device and radio communication system
26 8,743,672 Optical disk manufacturing apparatus and optical disk manufacturing method
27 8,743,471 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
28 8,743,333 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for same
29 8,743,330 Liquid crystal display device
30 8,743,328 Manufacturing method for a liquid crystal display device wherein each side of a metal pattern and a semiconductor pattern facing an etched space is contacted by an insulating layer
31 8,743,315 Surface light source device, liquid crystal display device, and lens
32 8,743,289 Image display apparatus and image display method
33 8,743,276 Opening/closing door locking device for an electronic device
34 8,743,273 Imaging device and solid-state imaging device
35 8,743,218 Imaging apparatus including a shake correction function
36 8,743,185 Stereoscopic imaging optical system, imaging device, and camera
37 8,743,183 Parallax calculation method and parallax calculation device
38 8,743,055 Hybrid pointing system and method
39 8,743,040 Liquid crystal display device with correction unit to generate correction gray level signal voltages
40 8,742,999 Antenna apparatus for simultaneously transmitting multiple radio signals with different radiation characteristics
41 8,742,947 Parking space monitoring device
42 8,742,872 MEMS element, and manufacturing method of MEMS element
43 8,742,860 MEMS resonator and electrical device using the same
44 8,742,723 Battery pack assembled with recycled batteries and method of assembly
45 8,742,626 Wireless power transmission system
46 8,742,584 Semiconductor device
47 8,742,467 Bidirectional switching device and bidirectional switching circuit using the same
48 8,742,435 LED lighting device
49 8,742,434 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and lighting apparatus and display apparatus using the same
50 8,742,430 Organic light emitting element
51 8,742,427 Semiconductor element
52 8,742,324 Structure for shielding a gap between members
53 8,742,291 Method of controlling arc welding in a tandem arc welding system
54 8,742,246 Thermoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing thereof
55 8,741,459 State judging device and control device of secondary battery
56 8,741,227 Isolator
57 8,741,124 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
58 8,741,003 Apparatus and method for presenting stereoscopic video
59 8,740,923 Puncture device and puncture needle cartridge
60 8,740,698 Game system, game execution apparatus, and portable storage medium
61 8,740,656 Lighting apparatus
62 8,739,393 Electronic component mounting method