Panasonic patents granted on 03 November 2015

48 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D742,316 Motor
2 D742,306 Solar battery cell
3 9,179,545 Base material with a conductor pattern,and a method of forming a base material with a conductor pattern
4 9,179,511 Light-emitting device, and light source for lighting and lighting apparatus using the same
5 9,179,504 Electric power converting apparatus and induction heating apparatus
6 9,179,483 Communication control method, communication node, and mobile node
7 9,179,424 Power-limit reporting in a communication system using carrier aggregation
8 9,179,405 Transmission device, transmission method, receiving device and receiving method
9 9,179,225 Hearing aid device
10 9,179,127 Three-dimensional imaging device, imaging element, light transmissive portion, and image processing device
11 9,179,114 Solid-state image sensor
12 9,179,067 Camera drive device with a moveable unit that is freely rotatable relative to a fixed unit
13 9,179,053 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method of producing a solid-state imaging apparatus
14 9,179,050 Electronic device with slidable display section
15 9,178,803 Network node and mobile terminal
16 9,178,709 Communication system and method for distributing content
17 9,178,702 Revocation list generation device, revocation list generation method, and content management system
18 9,178,654 Transmission apparatus and associated method of encoding transmission data
19 9,178,650 Data processing method, precoding method, and communication device
20 9,178,571 Communication apparatus, communication method, communication program, server apparatus, information updating method for server apparatus, and communication system
21 9,178,530 Delta sigma modulator, as well as receiver device and wireless communication device provided with same
22 9,178,430 DC/DC converter
23 9,178,380 Charger apparatus capable of determining deterioration of second battery
24 9,178,309 Socket with a metal fitting with a lock portion movable in a width direction
25 9,178,236 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
26 9,178,175 Display device
27 9,178,083 Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
28 9,178,075 Thin-film semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
29 9,177,915 Nitride semiconductor device
30 9,177,727 Metallized film capacitor
31 9,177,716 Method for detecting metal foreign object in contactless power supply system, contactless power supply device, power reception device, and contactless power supply system
32 9,177,596 Decoding device and decoding method
33 9,177,504 Image display device
34 9,177,487 Digital map position information transfer method
35 9,177,395 Display device and display method for providing image display in first color mode and second color mode
36 9,177,201 Image evaluation device, image evaluation method, program, and integrated circuit
37 9,176,891 Processor, processing system, data sharing processing method, and integrated circuit for data sharing processing
38 9,176,781 Virtual machine system, memory management method, memory management program, recording medium, and integrated circuit
39 9,176,606 Handwriting input system
40 9,176,587 Tactile sense presentation device and tactile sense presentation method
41 9,176,586 Touch panel device with tactile sense presenting function
42 9,176,566 Controlling supply of power to a communication unit of a communication device based on user’s activity of image capturing and transferring on the communication device
43 9,176,220 Ultrasonic sensor
44 9,176,090 Sensor chip, and measurement device and blood test device in which this sensor chip is used
45 9,175,814 LED lamp and lighting device
46 9,175,151 Resin composition and method for producing circuit board
47 9,174,545 Vehicle charging device
48 9,173,601 Measuring device