Panasonic patents granted on 04 January 2011

48 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,865,960 Digital literary work protection system and digital literary work protection method
2 7,865,841 Input/output device, input/output method, and program
3 7,865,716 Encryption device, key distribution device and key distribution system
4 7,865,706 Information processing method and instruction generating method
5 7,865,512 Systems and methods for providing victim location information during an emergency situation
6 7,865,431 Private electronic value bank system
7 7,865,372 Health management system and health management method
8 7,865,284 Angular velocity sensor and transporting equipment
9 7,865,218 Receiving device, integrated circuit, program, and receiving method
10 7,865,143 Radio terminal device, management terminal device, and radio communication method
11 7,865,076 Compound eye-camera module
12 7,865,069 Recording medium, reproduction device, program, reproduction method, and integrated circuit
13 7,865,067 Recording apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and recording medium
14 7,865,060 Recording medium reproduction device program, reproduction method
15 7,865,049 Fiber coating processing and slitting for non-confined light leakage
16 7,864,903 Multi-antenna reception apparatus, multi-antenna reception method, multi-antenna transmission apparatus and multi-antenna communication system
17 7,864,838 Picture encoding device, image decoding device and their methods
18 7,864,733 Mobile station device for multicarrier transmission, base station device, and cell search method
19 7,864,698 Radio communication device and CQI generation method
20 7,864,658 Multicarrier communication method and system, and communication apparatus incorporated therein
21 7,864,650 Optical element, optical head, optical information recording and reproduction apparatus, computer, image recording device, image reproduction device, server and car navigation system
22 7,864,638 Optical disk apparatus
23 7,864,460 Lens barrel
24 7,864,427 Diffractive optical element and method for manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus using the diffractive optical element
25 7,864,425 Composite material and optical component using the same
26 7,864,252 Video signal processor capable of suppressing excessive heat generation, method using the same, display device and method using the same
27 7,864,171 Display apparatus, source driver and dispaly panel
28 7,864,058 Danger determining device, method, danger notifying device, and program for determining danger based on identification information of a person in a watched environment and identification information of an article in the watched environment
29 7,864,025 Component with countermeasure to static electricity
30 7,863,930 Programmable device, control method of device and information processing system
31 7,863,887 State detection device for detecting abnormal operation of a high-frequency magnetron heating apparatus
32 7,863,854 Heat-exchange cooling device and power supply circuit driver used therefore
33 7,863,781 Power unit and safety circuit having the same
34 7,863,753 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,863,701 Optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
36 7,863,661 Solid-state imaging device and camera having the same
37 7,863,649 Nitride semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
38 7,863,633 Solid-state imaging device, camera and signal processing method
39 7,863,623 Semiconductor light emitting device
40 7,863,409 Method of separating resin
41 7,863,168 Plasma doping method and plasma doping apparatus
42 7,863,049 Noninvasive blood sugar level measuring method
43 7,862,930 Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, producing method therefor, and lithium ion secondary battery using the negative electrode
44 7,862,876 Film for suppressing conduction of radiation heat and heat insulating material using the same
45 7,862,238 Hydrodynamic bearing rotary device and information apparatus
46 7,862,237 Hydrodynamic bearing and spindle motor and information recording and reproducing apparatus equipped with the same
47 7,861,954 Electrostatic atomizer
48 7,861,908 Component mounting method, component mounting apparatus, and ultrasonic bonding head