Panasonic patents granted on 04 November 2014

49 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D717,001 Electric hair clipper
2 D716,975 Light-emitting diode lamp
3 D716,752 Wireless communication base station
4 8,881,265 Computer system, computer system control method, computer system control program, and integrated circuit
5 8,881,211 Video player system with transmission device for transmitting content to content player device for content playback based consumption resource information
6 8,881,185 Rotary element assembly structure with rotary element capable of rotating about hollow shaft
7 8,881,184 Disc device
8 8,881,124 Compiler device, compiler program, and loop parallelization method
9 8,881,059 Object control device, object control method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
10 8,880,982 Wireless communication apparatus
11 8,880,076 Terminal and quality transmission method
12 8,879,860 Image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus for decoding tile boundaries
13 8,879,776 Speaker and electronic device using the speaker
14 8,879,758 Loudspeaker, electronic apparatus using same, and mobile apparatus
15 8,879,749 Directional microphone device and directivity control method
16 8,879,700 Communication apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method
17 8,879,603 Integrated circuit for controlling radio communication process
18 8,879,504 Redirection method, redirection system, mobile node, home agent, and proxy node
19 8,879,498 Integrated circuit for control channel decoding
20 8,879,497 Terminal device, base station device, transmitting method and receiving method
21 8,879,487 Feedback scheme for providing feedback on plural transmissions
22 8,879,443 Terminal, base station, response method, and retransmission control method
23 8,879,436 Multiband wireless apparatus
24 8,879,376 Optical information recording medium and optical information recording device
25 8,879,375 Optical pickup and optical disk device
26 8,879,178 Lens barrel and imaging device
27 8,879,177 Lens barrel and imaging device
28 8,879,036 Liquid crystal display device comprising first and second electrodes wherein the second electrode is connected with a source electrode without passing through a first insulating film
29 8,879,030 Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus with complementary polarizer
30 8,879,027 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,878,943 Measurement method, measurement apparatus, computer readable recording medium having stored therein measurement program
32 8,878,559 IC current measuring apparatus and IC current measuring adapter
33 8,878,543 Vehicular insulation resistance detection apparatus
34 8,878,518 Sensor device and sensor interface
35 8,878,496 Charger and electronic apparatus system
36 8,878,445 Light-emitting element driving device
37 8,878,441 Display device and guide lamp including same
38 8,878,194 Semiconductor element, semiconductor device, and semiconductor element manufacturing method
39 8,878,186 Semiconductor device and display apparatus
40 8,878,108 Induction heating cooker and kitchen unit having the same
41 8,877,843 Resin composition and method for producing circuit board
42 8,877,407 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method for producing the same
43 8,877,318 Graphite structure, and electronic device using the same
44 8,877,291 Method of manufacturing thin film which suppresses unnecessary scattering and deposition of a source material
45 8,877,130 Device for measuring biological sample
46 8,876,582 Ventilation device
47 8,876,493 Fan motor and blower including the same motor
48 8,876,311 Light emitting device and illumination apparatus including same
49 8,875,577 Oscillator circuit, method for manufacturing oscillator circuit, inertial sensor using the oscillator circuit, and electronic device