Panasonic patents granted on 04 October 2011

60 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D646,396 Light irradiation facial apparatus
2 D646,235 Light emitting diode
3 8,032,752 Data transmission apparatus, data reception apparatus, and data transfer system
4 8,032,696 Decoding device and semiconductor device which read file rewriting discrimination information
5 8,032,645 Coding method and coding apparatus
6 8,032,144 Multi-carrier communication device and feedback information communication method
7 8,032,094 Discrete filter, sampling mixer, and radio device
8 8,032,019 Camera body and imaging apparatus
9 8,032,012 Data processor
10 8,032,007 Reading device, program, and reading method
11 8,031,902 Loudspeaker
12 8,031,893 Hearing aid
13 8,031,877 In-vehicle communication system
14 8,031,869 Information recording medium, usage management method, and usage management apparatus
15 8,031,822 Communication apparatus
16 8,031,811 Dynamic DC offset canceling apparatus and dynamic DC offset canceling method
17 8,031,785 Transmission methods and apparatus in multi-band OFDM wideband systems
18 8,031,778 Picture decoding device and method
19 8,031,743 Apparatuses and method for multiplexing elementary streams based on a multiplexing pattern indicating an order of types of data to be multiplexed
20 8,031,674 Optimized reverse tunnelling for packet switched mobile communication systems
21 8,031,608 Flow control method, transmitting terminal device used in same, receiving terminal device and packet transfer system
22 8,031,578 Microarray with actuators inside and outside of light-irradiated region, and optical head device and optical information device incorporating the same
23 8,031,577 Optical information recording/reproducing device
24 8,031,576 Optical pickup device
25 8,031,574 Information recording medium, information supply system, and optical information device
26 8,031,572 Optical disc device and recording condition setting method
27 8,031,570 Optical disk unit and driving method therefor
28 8,031,567 Data recording method and data recording device for write-once type recording medium
29 8,031,496 Driving circuit for power switching device, driving method thereof, and switching power supply apparatus
30 8,031,490 Power supply circuit and power supply system
31 8,031,412 Optical part, lens barrel, and camera
32 8,031,269 Chroma killer detection circuit
33 8,031,240 Imaging device
34 8,031,213 Display control method and device thereof
35 8,031,175 Touch sensitive remote control system that detects hand size characteristics of user and adapts mapping to screen display
36 8,031,134 Method of driving plasma display panel
37 8,031,127 Semiconductor memory module incorporating antenna
38 8,031,016 Multiplying oscillator and wireless apparatus in which the same is installed
39 8,030,969 Semiconductor integrated circuit
40 8,030,893 Battery pack and method for detecting disconnection of same
41 8,030,877 Device and method for detecting back electromotive force phase and device and method for controlling excitation
42 8,030,758 Semiconductor module and method for fabricating semiconductor module
43 8,030,728 Optical semiconductor device
44 8,030,724 Solid-state imaging device and method for fabricating the same
45 8,030,677 Semiconductor light emitting element and method for manufacturing same
46 8,030,645 Electronic device, process for producing the same and electronic equipment making use thereof
47 8,030,187 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
48 8,030,059 Apparatus for measuring extracellular potential
49 8,029,941 Proton-conducting structure and method for manufacturing the same
50 8,029,933 Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, method for manufacturing the same, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same
51 8,029,638 Component mounting apparatus and method
52 8,029,525 Puncture instrument, puncture needle cartridge, puncture instrument set, and puncture needle disposal instrument
53 8,029,308 Connector holding device
54 8,029,294 Connector set and jointer for use therein
55 8,029,179 Planar illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
56 8,029,141 Image display apparatus that controls luminance of a partial area of each pixel to be below threefold of an average luminance value of the entire pixel
57 8,028,886 Bonding tool, electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
58 8,028,593 Click apparatus
59 8,028,578 Composite sensor
60 8,028,418 Hair cutting device