Panasonic patents granted on 05 August 2014

44 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D710,541 Hair dryer
2 D710,375 Display screen with graphical user interface
3 D710,331 Remote controller for projector
4 8,800,038 Tampering monitoring system, control device, and tampering control method
5 8,798,905 Vehicle location detection device and vehicle location detection method
6 8,798,441 Recording apparatus and recording system
7 8,798,415 Transparent diffuser for diffusing multiple wavelengths of light and method of manufacturing transparent diffuser
8 8,798,387 Image processing device, image processing method, and program for image processing
9 8,798,288 Voice output device
10 8,798,195 Wireless communication system, base station, terminal and method of generating codebook
11 8,798,193 Transmission method and transmission apparatus
12 8,798,192 Transmitting apparatus and transmitting method
13 8,798,191 Transmission apparatus, radio communication apparatus, and transmission method
14 8,798,151 Video display device, interpolated image generation circuit and interpolated image generation method
15 8,798,147 Moving picture coding method, moving picture decoding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding apparatus, and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus
16 8,797,993 Method and device for superimposing reference signal and data based on space division multiple access
17 8,797,986 Wireless communication apparatus and reference signal generating method
18 8,797,834 Objective lens, optical head, optical disk device, and information processing device
19 8,797,832 Decoding method and decoding device
20 8,797,481 Liquid crystal display device comprising a plurality of first and second light-emitting diodes respectively connected to first and second connectors
21 8,797,471 Display device with a base material made of plastic
22 8,797,452 Imaging device having reduced electromagnetic wave interference
23 8,797,447 Camera system and camera body
24 8,797,384 Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method outputting three-dimensional and two-dimensional output signals in parallel
25 8,797,309 Liquid crystal display device
26 8,797,245 Display device with display panel and backlight
27 8,797,224 Array antenna apparatus including multiple steerable antennas and capable of eliminating influence of surrounding metal components
28 8,797,086 Switching device
29 8,796,996 Charge control circuit, battery pack, and charge system
30 8,796,967 Motor drive device, brushless motor, and motor drive method
31 8,796,779 Semiconductor device
32 8,796,701 Display panel apparatus and method of fabricating display panel apparatus
33 8,796,692 Thin-film semiconductor device and method for fabricating thin-film semiconductor device
34 8,796,660 Nonvolatile memory element comprising a resistance variable element and a diode
35 8,796,602 Induction heating apparatus
36 8,796,599 Induction heat cooking device capable of preheating object using an output value of an infrared sensor
37 8,796,593 Radio-frequency heating apparatus and radio-frequency heating method
38 8,796,551 Power supply control device
39 8,796,010 Isolator for cell culture
40 8,795,879 Electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,795,862 Battery pack
42 8,795,200 Piercing device and blood inspection device
43 8,794,988 Detachment prevention component and electronic device using the same
44 8,794,933 Hermetic compressor