Panasonic patents granted on 05 February 2013

73 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,961 Optical head device and diffractive element, optical information apparatus, computer, disc player, car navigation system, optical disc recorder and vehicle
2 8,370,846 Task execution device and method
3 8,370,153 Speech analyzer and speech analysis method
4 8,370,150 Character information presentation device
5 8,370,145 Device for extracting keywords in a conversation
6 8,370,138 Scalable encoding device and scalable encoding method including quality improvement of a decoded signal
7 8,370,137 Noise estimating apparatus and method
8 8,369,939 Activation apparatus, method, and computer program for brainwave interface system
9 8,369,876 Mobility management in communication networks
10 8,369,861 Base station and mobile station communicating with OFDM system using a plurality of subcarriers and communication method with OFDM system using a plurality of subcarriers
11 8,369,806 Radio receiver apparatus and radio transmitter apparatus
12 8,369,802 Polar modulation transmission apparatus and polar modulation transmission method
13 8,369,801 Multimode-compatible polar modulation transmission device and multimode radio communication method
14 8,369,690 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, integrated circuit, program, and reproduction method
15 8,369,688 Information burying device and detecting device
16 8,369,682 Reproduction device, recording method and playback method
17 8,369,539 Audio system with parental maximum volume control
18 8,369,421 Coding distortion removal method by selectively filtering based on a pixel difference
19 8,369,418 Digital data receiver
20 8,369,414 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, and image coding apparatus
21 8,369,382 Radio communication device and constellation control method
22 8,369,359 Communication device, communication method, and integrated circuit
23 8,369,307 Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus and communication method
24 8,369,293 Mobile router, home agent, and terminal position management method
25 8,369,285 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
26 8,369,200 Optical recording medium, and optical information device
27 8,369,197 Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus
28 8,369,067 Electricity feeding control device
29 8,368,864 Liquid crystal display device with spacer in the sealant
30 8,368,837 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,368,830 Liquid crystal display device having first, second, and third transparent electrodes wherein a second region of the second electrode protrudes from a first region
32 8,368,818 Contents read-ahead control device and read-ahead control method
33 8,368,814 Visual processing device, display device, and integrated circuit for adjusting the contrast of an image
34 8,368,811 Reproducing apparatus
35 8,368,806 Camera body with mount to which lens is mountable
36 8,368,801 Camera system and interchangeable lens
37 8,368,796 Camera system with side by side image display
38 8,368,769 Imaging device and camera
39 8,368,651 Input device
40 8,368,620 Organic electroluminescence display panel and method of driving the same
41 8,368,527 Electronic device controlling system and control signal transmitting device
42 8,368,502 Surface-mount current fuse
43 8,368,486 Duplexer
44 8,368,473 Resonator and oscillator using same
45 8,368,459 Constant-voltage circuit
46 8,368,311 Organic electroluminescent display device
47 8,368,278 Motor and electronic device comprising the same
48 8,368,225 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having improved interconnect accuracy near cell boundaries
49 8,368,080 Light emitting display with optical compensation layer and circularly polarized reflective layer for improved contrast even in high ambient light
50 8,368,077 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
51 8,368,063 Organic semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
52 8,368,049 Nanowire transistor and method for fabricating the same
53 8,367,987 Flexible PTC heating element and method of manufacturing the heating element
54 8,367,973 Heater with temperature detecting device and battery structure with the heater
55 8,367,938 Method of bonding core wires to electrodes and electronic unit formed by bonding electrodes and core wires
56 8,367,539 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
57 8,367,488 Manufacturing method of flexible semiconductor device
58 8,367,442 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting element
59 8,367,264 Fuel cell system with co detector
60 8,367,255 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
61 8,367,252 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
62 8,367,245 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
63 8,367,240 Lithium secondary battery with wound electrodes
64 8,367,050 Photocatalytic material and photocatalytic member and purification device using the photocatalytic material
65 8,367,006 Platinum microparticles generator
66 8,366,965 Blue phosphor, light-emitting device, and plasma display panel
67 8,366,864 Component press bonding apparatus and method
68 8,366,837 Powder magnetic core and magnetic element using the same
69 8,366,504 Method of manufacturing a display device having an orientation film
70 8,366,276 Filter device with control for filter winding and projection type display apparatus
71 8,366,028 Electrostatic atomizer
72 8,366,007 Secure device and reader-writer
73 8,365,546 Hot water storage type hot water supply system and operation method of the same