Panasonic patents granted on 05 July 2011

60 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D640,998 Television apparatus
2 7,975,206 Information recording device and method, information reproducing device and method, recording medium, program, and disc recording medium
3 7,975,128 Apparatuses and programs for implementing a forwarding function
4 7,974,926 Content use system, information terminal, and settlement system
5 7,974,837 Audio encoding apparatus, audio decoding apparatus, and audio encoded information transmitting apparatus
6 7,974,790 Particulate determination method
7 7,974,666 Opening/closing device and mobile device using the same
8 7,974,623 Integrated circuit that controls transmission of a random access signal
9 7,974,521 Moving image coding method, moving image coding device, moving image recording method, recording medium, moving image playback method, moving image playback device, and moving image playback system
10 7,974,447 Image synthesizing device, image collation device using the same, image synthesizing method and program
11 7,974,434 Loudspeaker
12 7,974,431 Speaker system
13 7,974,423 Loudspeaker system
14 7,974,420 Mixed audio separation apparatus
15 7,974,371 Communication method and radio communication apparatus
16 7,974,333 Semiconductor apparatus and radio circuit apparatus using the same
17 7,974,322 Nitride semiconductor laser diode
18 7,974,167 Optical disc apparatus, optical information equipment with the optical disc apparatus, and focusing control LSI in the optical disc apparatus
19 7,974,162 Digital data modulator-demodulator
20 7,974,138 Semiconductor memory device
21 7,974,126 Semiconductor memory device including write selectors
22 7,974,056 Semiconductor device
23 7,973,924 Target substance sensor and method thereof using a photonic crystal
24 7,973,840 Solid-state imaging device and imaging system
25 7,973,827 Image data generating apparatus, method and program for generating an image having high spatial and high temporal resolution
26 7,973,820 Motion detector and image capture device, interchangeable lens and camera system including the motion detector
27 7,973,811 Display device
28 7,973,810 Display apparatus and cellular device
29 7,973,793 Scenario generation device, scenario generation method, and scenario generation program
30 7,973,747 Display and display driving method
31 7,973,741 Plasma display device and method for driving the same
32 7,973,687 Differential switch, D/A converter, semiconductor integrated circuit and communication apparatus
33 7,973,638 Voltage non-linear resistor ceramic composition and multilayer varistor using the same
34 7,973,617 Unequal three-way divider for in-phase signal division
35 7,973,609 Digitally-controlled oscillator, frequency synthesizer and radio communication device
36 7,973,586 Sampling mixer, filter device, and radio device
37 7,973,554 Method of configuring embedded application-specific functional blocks
38 7,973,498 Illumination control system
39 7,973,493 Discharge lamp lighting device, and illuminating device
40 7,973,477 Plasma display panel having a phosphor layer that is at least partly covered with a material higher in secondary electron emission and production method therefore
41 7,973,412 Semiconductor device using lead-free solder as die bonding material and die bonding material not containing lead
42 7,973,378 Solid-state imaging device having improved sensitivity and reduced flare
43 7,973,367 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
44 7,973,361 High breakdown voltage semiconductor device and fabrication method of the same
45 7,973,323 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, and camera module including the same
46 7,973,268 Induction heating cooking device
47 7,973,256 Spring-biased switch for an electronic device
48 7,973,247 Connecting portion of circuit board and circuit board-connecting structure technical field
49 7,972,945 Plasma doping apparatus and method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
50 7,972,729 Positive electrode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same, and method for producing positive electrode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
51 7,972,721 Method for manufacturing battery pack
52 7,972,674 Information recording medium, its manufacturing method, and sputtering target for forming information recording medium
53 7,972,277 Exhaled breath analysis method
54 7,972,246 Walking ability diagnosis system
55 7,972,069 Camera system and camera body
56 7,972,065 Hydrodynamic bearing device, spindle motor, and recording and reproducing apparatus equipped with same
57 7,972,011 Image projection apparatus and image projection system having beam deflection section
58 7,971,654 Rotary impact tool
59 7,971,627 Device for producing metal sample and process for producing metal sample
60 7,971,345 Reconstituted battery pack, reconstituted battery pack producing method, reconstituted battery pack using method, and reconstituted battery pack control system