Panasonic patents granted on 05 June 2012

68 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D661,416 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 D661,268 Television apparatus
3 D661,114 Electric massaging chair
4 D661,113 Electric massaging chair
5 8,196,212 Personal information management device
6 8,196,060 Method of displaying planar image
7 8,196,023 Encoder and optical disk recording apparatus
8 8,195,687 Program retrieval support device for accumulating and searching pieces of program information and corresponding programs and a method for performing the same
9 8,195,471 Sampling rate conversion apparatus, coding apparatus, decoding apparatus and methods thereof
10 8,195,201 Radio positioning system and coordinate configuring method
11 8,195,175 Method for verifications and fast QoS establishment
12 8,195,031 Recording medium, reproduction device, program, and reproduction method
13 8,195,030 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, recording apparatus, recording method, AV data switching method, output apparatus, and input apparatus
14 8,194,809 Diversity receiver and diversity receiving method
15 8,194,795 Digital broadcast reception device
16 8,194,786 Wireless communication method, wireless transmitter and wireless receiver
17 8,194,759 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
18 8,194,751 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
19 8,194,747 Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method
20 8,194,745 Motion vector coding and decoding methods
21 8,194,738 Picture coding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus and the methods
22 8,194,734 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
23 8,194,731 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
24 8,194,711 Nitride semiconductor laser device
25 8,194,618 Radio base station device, communication terminal device, and control information transmission method
26 8,194,566 Information processing device, and bubble packet transmission method and program
27 8,194,521 Optical disc device, video reproducing apparatus, server, car navigation system using the optical disc device, integrated circuit and recording/reproducing method
28 8,194,519 Method for transmitting content with copy control information, content identification information and content status information
29 8,194,415 Backlight device and liquid crystal display device
30 8,194,402 Information processing unit
31 8,194,393 Capacitor unit and its manufacturing method
32 8,194,367 Accumulation device
33 8,194,336 Lens driving device
34 8,194,333 Imaging lens and imaging device using the same
35 8,194,327 Optical component and method for producing the same
36 8,194,317 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
37 8,194,203 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,194,180 Imaging apparatus and camera system
39 8,194,169 Compound eye camera module and method of producing the same
40 8,194,134 Target moving object tracking device
41 8,194,130 Monitoring camera device, dehumidifying device, dehumidifying method, and dehumidifying program
42 8,194,064 Image display device
43 8,194,048 Liquid crystal display device
44 8,194,004 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display device
45 8,193,870 Method and system for compensation of frequency pulling in an all digital phase lock loop
46 8,193,777 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery charging method, electronic device, battery pack, and charging device
47 8,193,727 Lamp end of life protection circuit and method for an electronic dimming ballast
48 8,193,697 Light-emitting element and display device using same
49 8,193,608 Semiconductor device
50 8,193,548 Light-emitting diode
51 8,193,526 Transistor having an organic semiconductor with a hollow space
52 8,193,091 Resin encapsulated semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
53 8,193,080 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and plasma doping system
54 8,192,896 Membrane-membrane reinforcing member assembly, membrane-catalyst layer assembly, membrane-electrode assembly, polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and method for manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly
55 8,192,895 Membrane-membrane reinforcing member assembly, membrane-catalyst layer assembly, membrane-electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
56 8,192,893 Membrane-membrane reinforcing membrane assembly, membrane-catalyst layer assembly, membrane-electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
57 8,192,864 Battery, examination method and manufacturing method for negative electrode thereof, and examination apparatus and manufacturing apparatus for negative electrode thereof
58 8,192,858 Electrode plate for battery and method and apparatus for forming the same
59 8,192,578 Chip pickup apparatus, chip pickup method, chip releasing device and chip releasing method
60 8,192,365 Ultrasonic probe
61 8,192,329 Exercise aiding apparatus
62 8,192,207 Female circuit board having non-circular conduction portions and conformal to insertion portions
63 8,192,185 Expander-compressor unit
64 8,192,178 Inverter-device built-in type electric compressor and vehicle equipped with the same compressor
65 8,192,030 Laser illuminating device and image display device
66 8,191,805 Electrostatic atomizer
67 8,191,438 Camera device and drive mechanism
68 8,191,400 Method and apparatus for supporting accelerometer based controls in a mobile environment