Panasonic patents granted on 06 August 2013

68 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D687,442 Holder for a portable computer
2 D687,399 Television apparatus
3 D687,398 Electrostatic atomized water particle generating module
4 D687,394 Electroluminescence module
5 D687,383 Connector
6 D687,382 Connector
7 D687,226 Electric toothbrush with cap
8 8,505,072 Network apparatus, assessment method, program, and integrated circuit
9 8,504,868 Computer system with synchronization/desynchronization controller
10 8,504,825 System and method for providing searchable data transport stream encryption
11 8,504,752 Virtual machine control device, virtual machine control program, and virtual machine control circuit for managing interrupts of plural virtual machines
12 8,504,378 Stereo acoustic signal encoding apparatus, stereo acoustic signal decoding apparatus, and methods for the same
13 8,504,357 Related word presentation device
14 8,504,317 Position calibration information collecting apparatus, position calibration information collecting method, and position calibration information collecting program
15 8,504,217 System and method for providing dynamic power management
16 8,504,206 Control apparatus and method for master-slave robot, master-slave robot, control program, and integrated electronic circuit
17 8,504,203 Manipulator and method of controlling the same
18 8,504,184 Combination device, telecommunication system, and combining method
19 8,504,108 Base station apparatus, transmission signal generating method, mobile station apparatus, and reception method
20 8,504,101 Multimode wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
21 8,504,072 Radio communication terminal, radio communication base station device, and radio communication method
22 8,503,877 Imaging device housing
23 8,503,869 Stereoscopic video playback device and stereoscopic video display device
24 8,503,867 Playback apparatus, program, and playback method
25 8,503,863 Image reproduction device, image reproduction method, and image reproduction program
26 8,503,817 Apparatus, method and imaging apparatus for correcting distortion of image data using interpolation
27 8,503,737 Visual line estimating apparatus
28 8,503,721 Image judgment device
29 8,503,700 Piezoelectric acoustic transducer
30 8,503,471 Content receiver and content transmitter
31 8,503,343 Wireless communication system, communication control method and communication node
32 8,503,285 Radio communication terminal device and radio transmission method
33 8,503,109 Optical system and imaging device
34 8,503,103 Lens barrel
35 8,503,096 Inner focus lens, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
36 8,502,938 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,502,935 Liquid crystal display device comprising a light guide plate with a light radiation portion and a light incident portion joined by a joint surface and having an inclined surface and projecting portions
38 8,502,921 Digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast reception method
39 8,502,910 Light-collecting device, light-collecting device group, and solid-state imaging apparatus
40 8,502,908 Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus body and reporting terminal
41 8,502,900 Digital camera and interchangeable lens unit
42 8,502,893 Imaging apparatus, flash determination method, and recording medium
43 8,502,889 Solid-state image capturing device, and image capturing apparatus
44 8,502,880 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
45 8,502,802 Display device
46 8,502,787 System and method for differentiating between intended and unintended user input on a touchpad
47 8,502,749 Plasma display apparatus and driving method for plasma display apparatus
48 8,502,716 Calibration for RFDAC
49 8,502,632 Transformer, power converter, lighting device, lighting device for vehicle, and vehicle using the same
50 8,502,592 Level shift circuit
51 8,502,505 Battery driving device, load control method, integrated circuit and load control program
52 8,502,489 Motor control device
53 8,502,475 Discharge lamp ballast with feedback current control during an electrode heating operation
54 8,502,471 Planar light-emitting module lighting circuit and illuminating device
55 8,502,463 LED driver circuit with open load detection and associated control method
56 8,502,427 Motor and electric device using same
57 8,502,388 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
58 8,502,356 Organic thin film transistors
59 8,502,301 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
60 8,502,114 AC pulse arc welding method
61 8,502,093 Multidirectional operating switch
62 8,501,583 Method for connecting between substrates, flip-chip mounting structure, and connection structure between substrates
63 8,501,102 Hydrogen generator and startup method thereof
64 8,500,655 Blood test apparatus and method of controlling the same
65 8,500,302 Display panel apparatus, display apparatus, and method of manufacturing display panel apparatus
66 8,499,998 Component built-in circuit substrate and method of producing the same
67 8,499,688 Screen printer
68 8,499,412 Electric blower and electric cleaner with same