Panasonic patents granted on 06 March 2012

79 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,230 Optical disk including a barcode pattern formed by a laser using pulse width modulation
2 8,132,215 Apparatus for receiving broadcast signal
3 8,132,195 Disk device with shape identifier
4 8,132,140 Analyzing device for circuit device, circuit device analyzing method, analyzing program, and electronic medium
5 8,132,024 Digital work protection system, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, and recording medium
6 8,132,010 Authentication system
7 8,132,009 Authentication system
8 8,131,968 Information processing device
9 8,131,508 Sensor apparatus
10 8,131,507 Sensor apparatus
11 8,131,467 Route information display device and route information display method
12 8,131,331 Portable and foldable radio terminal with multiple frequency antenna
13 8,131,234 Transmitter utilizing a duty cycle envelope reduction and restoration modulator
14 8,131,233 Time alignment methods and apparatus for polar modulation transmitters
15 8,131,142 Imaging apparatus
16 8,131,130 Recording medium, playback apparatus, recording method, and playback method
17 8,131,128 Audiovisual system and control method thereof
18 8,131,116 Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program
19 8,131,098 Image processing device, image processing method, image processing system, program, storage medium, and integrated circuit
20 8,131,022 Surveillance recorder and its method
21 8,131,002 Electric-acoustic transducer and electronic device
22 8,130,892 ADPLL frequency synthesizer
23 8,130,883 Pulse signal reception device, pulsed QPSK signal reception device, and pulse signal reception method
24 8,130,861 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
25 8,130,843 Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
26 8,130,838 Encoding device and dynamic image recording system using the encoding device
27 8,130,805 Semiconductor laser apparatus
28 8,130,796 Radio communication base station apparatus and radio communication method
29 8,130,707 Radio communication system, radio transmission device, and RACH transmission method
30 8,130,684 Wireless communication system for wirelessly transmitting and receiving CEC message
31 8,130,676 Method for on demand distributed hash table update
32 8,130,632 Transmitter and SSB signal generation method
33 8,130,628 Manufacturing method for optical recording medium, optical recording medium, optical information device, and information reproducing method
34 8,130,627 Optical disc production apparatus
35 8,130,625 Optical information recorder/reproducer, optical information recording/reproducing method and control circuit
36 8,130,624 Optical head device for forming light spot on disc-shaped information medium
37 8,130,623 Optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and/or reproducing method, optical information recording medium, and solid immersion lens
38 8,130,614 Optical storage medium, information recording apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus
39 8,130,612 Recording device, recording method, and computer program
40 8,130,611 Method and an apparatus for recording information, and an information recording medium
41 8,130,608 Coupled ring oscillator and method for initializing the same
42 8,130,603 Optical disk driving apparatus, optical disk driving system, vehicle equipped with optical disk driving system, method of correcting spherical aberration in optical disk driving apparatus, program and recording medium
43 8,130,600 Drive device, optical head, and optical disk recording/reproducing device
44 8,130,499 Heat dissipating structure base board, module using heat dissipating structure base board, and method for manufacturing heat dissipating structure base board
45 8,130,487 Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,130,486 Electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,130,453 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
48 8,130,331 Projection-type display apparatus
49 8,130,325 Luminance level control device
50 8,130,305 Solid-state image sensing device and method for fabricating the same
51 8,130,293 Image processing apparatus having patterned polarizer, patterned polarizer, and image processing method
52 8,130,282 Image capture device
53 8,130,230 Display device
54 8,130,177 Organic EL display panel and manufacturing method thereof
55 8,130,123 Rotary actuator and input device using the same
56 8,129,920 Discharge lamp ballast and fixture with controlled preheating
57 8,129,915 Discharge lamp operating device, illumination device and liquid crystal display device
58 8,129,907 Plasma display panel
59 8,129,905 Phosphor and light emitting device using the phosphor
60 8,129,902 Organic EL display device comprising moisture diffusion reduction banks structure
61 8,129,794 Semiconductor device including MISFETs having different threshold voltages
62 8,129,758 Semiconductor element and manufacturing method therefor
63 8,129,748 Nitride semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
64 8,129,739 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting device mounted board
65 8,129,724 Display device including first, second, and third semiconductor films
66 8,129,689 Thermoelectric conversion device, and radiation detector and radiation detection method using the same
67 8,129,664 Induction heater
68 8,129,202 Plasma doping method and apparatus
69 8,129,115 Method of modifying nucleotide chain
70 8,129,076 Electrode for lithium batteries and method of manufacturing electrode for lithium batteries
71 8,129,073 Catalyst-coated membrane, membrane-electrode assembly, fuel cell and fuel cell stack
72 8,129,062 Fuel cell system operation method
73 8,129,058 Fuel cell system
74 8,129,048 Method for producing rectangular flat secondary battery
75 8,129,045 Electrochemical element
76 8,128,741 Gas dissolving apparatus
77 8,128,571 Sphygmomanometer
78 8,127,659 Compressible fluid pressure actuator driving mechanism and control apparatus thereof
79 8,127,567 Shaft coupling and arrangement for fluid machine and refrigeration cycle apparatus