Panasonic patents granted on 06 October 2015

57 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,737 OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal and E-commerce system
2 D740,341 Surveillance camera mount
3 D740,262 Wireless base unit
4 9,155,093 Base station, terminal, transmission method and reception method
5 9,155,086 Communication device and SRS transmission control method
6 9,155,073 Transmitter apparatus, receiver apparatus, transmission method, and reception method
7 9,155,024 Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, and pilot generating method
8 9,154,874 Howling detection device, howling suppressing device and method of detecting howling
9 9,154,839 Operation sound guide apparatus and operation sound guide method
10 9,154,794 Picture coding method, picture decoding method, picture coding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus, and program thereof
11 9,154,788 Image coding method and image decoding method
12 9,154,783 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
13 9,154,780 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
14 9,154,770 Three-dimensional imaging device, image processing device, image processing method, and program
15 9,154,767 Data broadcast display device, data broadcast display method, and data broadcast display program
16 9,154,738 Communication device and communication system
17 9,154,729 Television receiving apparatus and control method for television receiving apparatus
18 9,154,728 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and program
19 9,154,723 Receiving terminal, and content exporting method
20 9,154,582 Distribution system and distribution server
21 9,154,406 Communication system, wireless device, and program for wireless device
22 9,154,347 Adaptive equalizer
23 9,154,259 Communication apparatus, calibration data transmission method, and method for updating a correspondence relationship
24 9,154,245 Receiving device
25 9,154,242 Communication device and communication method
26 9,154,207 Communication apparatus and communication method
27 9,154,114 Acoustic wave device
28 9,154,097 Audio system including multiband audio dynamics processor
29 9,154,082 Input signal amplifier
30 9,153,963 Electric power control apparatus and grid connection system having same
31 9,153,962 Motor control device and imaging apparatus with improved power source stability
32 9,153,892 Header and connector using header
33 9,153,855 Antenna, antenna unit, and communication device using them
34 9,153,825 Fuel cell
35 9,153,817 Lithium ion secondary battery
36 9,153,634 Light-emitting element and display device using same
37 9,153,625 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
38 9,153,384 Method of manufacturing an electrolytic capacitor
39 9,153,319 Method for driving nonvolatile memory element, and nonvolatile memory device having a variable resistance element
40 9,153,242 Encoder apparatus, decoder apparatus, and related methods that use plural coding layers
41 9,153,241 Signal processing apparatus
42 9,153,223 Noise reduction device
43 9,153,205 Display device having a generator for generating RGBW signals based on upper and lower limit value calculator and display method thereof
44 9,153,066 Image processing device, imaging device, and image processing method
45 9,153,037 Image decoding device, image encoding device, image decoding method, and image encoding method
46 9,153,010 Image processing device and image processing method generating a high-resolution image from a low-resolution image
47 9,152,887 Object detection device, object detection method, and object detection program
48 9,152,845 Human attribute estimation system, human attribute estimation apparatus and human attribute estimation method
49 9,152,770 Content reproduction system, information processing terminal, media server, secure device, and server secure device
50 9,152,236 Apparatus for remotely controlling another apparatus and having self-orientating capability
51 9,152,232 Haptic feedback device and haptic feedback method
52 9,152,055 Optical irradiation apparatus with super luminescent diodes
53 9,151,803 Pairing method based on electric current synchronicity for augmented batteries
54 9,151,765 Method for producing agglutinating reagent, agglutinating reagent or product produced thereby, and method for measuring analysis object using the same, and test kit and analysis device
55 9,149,582 Administration apparatus for medical use
56 9,149,214 Annoyance judgment system, apparatus, method, and program
57 9,149,202 Device, method, and program for adjustment of hearing aid