Panasonic patents granted on 07 December 2010

73 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,980 Semiconductor interconnect formed over an insulation and having moisture resistant material
2 D628,756 Handle for canister vacuum cleaner
3 7,849,492 Receiving accumulating apparatus, sending apparatus, broadcasting system, receive accumulating method, sending method, broadcasting method, program and medium
4 7,849,406 Apparatus and method for authoring
5 7,849,382 Memory control circuit, nonvolatile storage apparatus, and memory control method
6 7,849,331 Program update method and server
7 7,849,246 I2C bus control circuit
8 7,849,218 HDMI logical address assignment method for use in wireless communication system
9 7,848,932 Stereo encoding apparatus, stereo decoding apparatus, and their methods
10 7,848,931 Audio encoder
11 7,848,927 Speech recognition device and method of recognizing speech using a language model
12 7,848,925 Scalable encoding apparatus, scalable decoding apparatus, scalable encoding method, scalable decoding method, communication terminal apparatus, and base station apparatus
13 7,848,921 Low-frequency-band component and high-frequency-band audio encoding/decoding apparatus, and communication apparatus thereof
14 7,848,722 Wireless transmission apparatus and modulation scheme selection method
15 7,848,708 Radio communication system, interleave pattern control device, and interleave pattern control method
16 7,848,579 Image coding device, method and computer program with data coding amount prediction
17 7,848,459 Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
18 7,848,455 Transmission circuit comprising multistage amplifier, and communication device
19 7,848,454 Communication apparatus and communication method
20 7,848,445 Multiantenna communication apparatus and multiantenna communication system
21 7,848,439 Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method
22 7,848,411 Moving picture prediction method, moving picture coding method and apparatus, and moving picture decoding method and apparatus
23 7,848,385 Radio communication device and constellation control method
24 7,848,354 Wireless communication apparatus
25 7,848,311 Communication apparatus
26 7,848,299 Wireless communication apparatus and response signal spreading method
27 7,848,216 Optical disc and physical address format
28 7,848,208 Optical head device, aberration correction method and optical information processing apparatus
29 7,848,205 Information-recording medium and optical information-recording/reproducing device
30 7,848,198 Information processing device, access device, recording medium, information processing method, and information processing program
31 7,848,197 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, and reproduction method
32 7,848,189 Optical disk apparatus controlling focus and tracking drive in gap and recorded area when adjusting write power
33 7,848,184 Reproducing method for reproducing real time data from a disk-shaped information recording medium
34 7,848,182 Recording medium, access apparatus, access method, and program
35 7,848,080 Electrolytic capacitor
36 7,848,011 Wavelength converting element
37 7,848,010 Optical apparatus, and wavelength conversion laser light source, image display apparatus, and laser light source device adopting such optical apparatus
38 7,847,852 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
39 7,847,849 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and camera
40 7,847,848 Solid-state imaging device having a plurality of lines formed in at least two layers on semiconductor substrate
41 7,847,837 Imagine pickup device and imagine pickup method
42 7,847,831 Image signal processing apparatus, image coding apparatus and image decoding apparatus, methods thereof, processors thereof, and, imaging processor for TV conference system
43 7,847,825 Image capturing apparatus
44 7,847,805 Display apparatus, display method, program and recording medium
45 7,847,758 Plasma display panel driving method
46 7,847,757 Display device
47 7,847,645 Oscillation control apparatus and oscillator
48 7,847,574 Semiconductor device
49 7,847,534 Reference current circuit
50 7,847,483 Glass composition and display panel using same
51 7,847,481 Plasma display panel and method for fabricating the same
52 7,847,418 Semiconductor device
53 7,847,361 Solid state imaging device in which a plurality of imaging pixels are arranged two-dimensionally, and a manufacturing method for the solid state imaging device
54 7,847,359 MEMS device, MEMS device module and acoustic transducer
55 7,847,319 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
56 7,847,307 Light-emitting module
57 7,847,231 Image sensor and electromagnetic radiation imaging device
58 7,847,211 Light radiating conditions selecting method, light radiating conditions selecting device, and soldering device
59 7,847,198 Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
60 7,847,194 Opening and closing device
61 7,846,984 Method and apparatus for recycling ultraviolet curing resin, and method for manufacturing optical recording medium using that recycling method
62 7,846,883 Hydrodynamic bearing device, and spindle motor and information device using the same
63 7,846,831 Method of forming a metal bump on a semiconductor device
64 7,846,828 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
65 7,846,820 Nitride semiconductor device and process for producing the same
66 7,846,620 Phase shift mask and method for manufacturing light-collecting device
67 7,846,577 Battery pack
68 7,846,525 Information recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,845,954 Interconnecting board and three-dimensional wiring structure using it
70 7,845,917 Electric blower
71 7,845,799 Three-dimensional image communication terminal and projection-type three-dimensional image display apparatus
72 7,845,226 Composite sensor
73 7,845,074 Method for manufacturing electronic parts module