Panasonic patents granted on 07 June 2011

65 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D639,498 Light emitting diode lamp
2 D639,436 Blood pressure measuring apparatus
3 D639,435 Blood pressure measuring apparatus
4 D639,302 Memory card
5 D639,106 Microwave oven
6 7,958,522 Slot-in type disk apparatus
7 7,958,499 Program execution control device, program execution control method, control program, and recording medium
8 7,958,353 Information security device
9 7,958,242 Establishment of media sessions with media adaptation
10 7,958,240 Group judgment device
11 7,958,134 Recording device for writing content data without continuity in presentation timing
12 7,957,962 Fixed codebook searching apparatus and fixed codebook searching method
13 7,957,834 Method for calculating rotation center point and axis of rotation, method for generating program, method for moving manipulator and positioning device, and robotic system
14 7,957,822 Component mounter control method and component mounter
15 7,957,769 Electronic device having a supporting frame for a display
16 7,957,738 Adaptive and scalable QoS architecture for multi-bearer multicast/broadcast services
17 7,957,703 Wireless circuit device
18 7,957,610 Image processing method and image processing device for enhancing the resolution of a picture by using multiple input low-resolution pictures
19 7,957,590 Image processing method, display image processing method, image processing device, image processing program, and integrated circuit device including that image processing device
20 7,957,551 Loudspeaker
21 7,957,544 Audio signal output control device that suppresses pop sound
22 7,957,535 Data storing method, data playback method, data recording device, data playback device, and recording medium
23 7,957,526 Confidential information implementation system and LSI
24 7,957,519 Private branch exchange system and method for control thereof
25 7,957,498 Data receiver device and data transmission/reception system
26 7,957,482 Bit-operated rearrangement diversity for AICO mapping
27 7,957,422 Demultiplexer
28 7,957,383 Method of sharing network identifier and mobile router
29 7,957,367 IP telephone apparatus, ENUM server, and calling method via the internet
30 7,957,366 IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and calling method
31 7,957,344 Path setting method, mobile terminal, and path managing device
32 7,957,342 Master station of communication system and access control method
33 7,957,253 Multiple recording layers optical disc having physical position information of pre-recording marks
34 7,957,232 Gap controller and optical information processor
35 7,957,193 Semiconductor memory device including two different nonvolatile memories
36 7,957,064 Antireflection structure and optical device including the same
37 7,956,927 Video signal converter and video display device
38 7,956,925 Method for reading out signal charges from an image sensor having different exposure times
39 7,956,918 Solid-state image pickup device having improved light shielding characteristics and camera including the same
40 7,956,916 Solid-state imaging device
41 7,956,907 Image capture device with low-frequency noise suppression
42 7,956,904 Image file reproduction device and image file reproduction method
43 7,956,774 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
44 7,956,766 Apparatus operating system
45 7,956,699 Frequency modulator and method for adjusting gain thereof
46 7,956,667 Power supply voltage forming device and polar modulation transmission device
47 7,956,632 Socket, module board, and inspection system using the module board
48 7,956,541 Plasma display panel having front panel with bismuth trioxide-containing dielectric layer
49 7,956,540 Plasma display panel
50 7,956,444 Semiconductor device having electrode pad, and wireless circuit device including the semiconductor device
51 7,956,413 Semiconductor device having a field effect transistor using a high dielectric constant gate insulating film and manufacturing method of the same
52 7,956,383 Field effect transistor
53 7,956,377 Semiconductor light-emitting device and its manufacturing method
54 7,956,372 Light emitting device
55 7,956,368 Semiconductor light emitting device, lighting module, lighting apparatus, and manufacturing method of semiconductor light emitting device
56 7,956,293 Multilayer printed wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
57 7,955,974 Formation of a through-electrode by inkjet deposition of resin pastes
58 7,955,787 Plasma display panel manufacturing method
59 7,955,735 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
60 7,955,581 Method of producing silicon oxide, negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
61 7,955,492 Method for measuring blood components and biosensor and measuring instrument for use therein
62 7,955,010 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
63 7,954,969 Illuminating device for liquid crystal panel
64 7,954,962 Laser image display, and optical integrator and laser light source package used in such laser image display
65 7,954,233 Method for component mounting