Panasonic patents granted on 07 October 2014

44 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D714,755 Telephone base unit
2 D714,754 Telephone base unit
3 D714,745 Semiconductor
4 8,856,888 Personal authentication apparatus and personal authentication method
5 8,856,427 Memory controller and non-volatile storage device
6 8,856,422 Memory card controller, memory card adaptor and memory card drive
7 8,855,949 Plasma processing device and method of monitoring discharge state in plasma processing device
8 8,855,815 Motion path search device and method of searching for motion path
9 8,855,739 Ultrasound examination apparatus and ultrasound examination method using laser light to detect microscopic displacement caused by reflected ultrasonic waves
10 8,855,606 Integrated circuit for radio communication mobile station device and call connection method
11 8,855,563 Communication apparatus and communication method
12 8,855,478 Lens barrel
13 8,855,472 Video editing apparatus, video editing method, program, and integrated circuit
14 8,855,435 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
15 8,855,357 Speaker diaphragm and speaker using same, and electronic equipment and device using said speaker, and speaker diaphragm manufacturing method
16 8,855,333 Ultrasonic speaker system
17 8,855,208 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
18 8,855,207 Image coding method for encoding a difference motion vector into a bitstream
19 8,855,132 Component carrier activation and deactivation using resource assignments
20 8,855,131 Transmission device, transmission power control method and transmission determination method
21 8,855,075 Transmission device and transmission method
22 8,855,069 HARQ operation for macro-diversity transmissions in the downlink
23 8,854,939 Optical information apparatus and gap control method thereof
24 8,854,864 Nonvolatile memory element and nonvolatile memory device
25 8,854,742 Lens barrel
26 8,854,725 Wavelength conversion element, method of manufacturing the same, and LED element and semiconductor laser light emitting device using wavelength conversion element
27 8,854,703 Document reading device
28 8,854,582 Method for fabricating a liquid crystal display device comprising an alignment film that includes polyamide acid ester with 80% or more of which is polyamide ester including cyclobutane
29 8,854,541 Video demodulation device
30 8,854,525 Imaging device, imaging system, and imaging method
31 8,854,480 Display control device, imaging device, and printing device
32 8,854,323 Operating apparatus, operating method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit
33 8,854,291 Gate signal line driving circuit for supressing noise in a gate signal in a display device
34 8,853,966 Lighting device and illumination apparatus including same
35 8,853,949 LED driver with end-of-life detection circuitry
36 8,853,923 Discharge tube and light-emitting apparatus provided with discharge tube
37 8,853,716 Organic EL panel, display device using same, and method for producing organic EL panel
38 8,853,685 Optical semiconductor, optical semiconductor electrode using same, photoelectrochemical cell, and energy system
39 8,853,599 Induction heating cooking apparatus
40 8,853,523 Solar cell module and manufacturing method of the same
41 8,852,977 Method for producing light-emitting elements
42 8,852,965 Method of making semiconductor having superhydrophilic principal surface and method of arranging particles thereon
43 8,851,138 Substrate backing device and substrate thermocompression-bonding device
44 8,850,889 Acceleration sensor