Panasonic patents granted on 08 April 2014

58 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D702,259 Digital video disc player
2 D702,070 Integrated user interface system for user seat
3 8,694,919 Menu display device, method for displaying menu, and imaging apparatus
4 8,694,760 Branch prediction using a leading value of a call stack storing function arguments
5 8,694,515 Image search device and image search method
6 8,694,451 Neural network system
7 8,694,326 Communication terminal and communication method
8 8,693,861 Lens barrel
9 8,693,801 Image processing device, image processing method, and integrated circuit
10 8,693,680 Telephone
11 8,693,599 Wireless receiving apparatus
12 8,693,592 Receiving device and receiving method
13 8,693,585 Communication apparatus and communication method
14 8,693,555 Communication system
15 8,693,539 Coding method, error detecting method, decoding method, coding apparatus, error detecting apparatus, and decoding apparatus
16 8,693,413 Wireless communication base station device, wireless communication relay device, wireless communication terminal device, packet retransmission method, and wireless communication system
17 8,693,379 Communication system, communication device, and communication method
18 8,693,285 Sound generation system, ultrasonic wave emitting device, and ultrasonic wave emitting method
19 8,693,226 Synchronous rectification type inverter
20 8,693,167 Electronic component and lead-wire for the same
21 8,693,166 Capacitor
22 8,693,151 Differential transmission circuit and electronic device provided with the same
23 8,693,113 Inner focus lens, interchangeable lens device and camera system
24 8,693,110 Inner focus lens, interchangeable lens device and camera system
25 8,692,970 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
26 8,692,966 Liquid crystal display device
27 8,692,938 Video processing device and video display device using same, and synchronization signal output method
28 8,692,929 Lens drive device, image-capturing device, and electronic apparatus with shape memory alloy actuator
29 8,692,925 Optical system drive device, image capture device provided with optical system drive device, and mobile device mounted with image capture device
30 8,692,905 Communication device, communication system, image presentation method, and program
31 8,692,619 High frequency power amplifier
32 8,692,610 Reference voltage supply circuit
33 8,692,492 Lead angle value setting method, motor driving control circuit, and brushless motor
34 8,692,336 Semiconductor device
35 8,692,292 Semiconductor device including separated gate electrode and conductive layer
36 8,692,285 Semiconductor light emitting device, light emitting module, lighting apparatus and display element
37 8,692,222 Nonvolatile memory element and method of manufacturing the nonvolatile memory element
38 8,692,177 Solid-state imaging device including analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
39 8,691,890 Unsaturated polyester resin composition for use in LED reflector, and LED reflector and LED luminaire using said composition
40 8,691,683 Flip-chip mounting method and bump formation method
41 8,691,589 Method for detecting formation of G-quadruplex
42 8,691,560 Biomolecule substrate, and test and diagnosis methods and apparatuses using the same
43 8,691,471 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and fuel cell stack comprising the same
44 8,691,377 Semiconductor device
45 8,691,072 Method for measuring hematocrit value of blood sample, method for measuring concentration of analyte in blood sample, sensor chip and sensor unit
46 8,690,828 Syringe drive device
47 8,690,788 Living body information measuring apparatus
48 8,690,555 Two-stage rotary expander, expander-compressor unit, and refrigeration cycle apparatus
49 8,690,529 Blower
50 8,690,360 High pressure discharge lamp with start-up assist member, lamp unit, lamp system, and projector
51 8,690,350 Image display apparatus and information processing apparatus having the same and method of controlling image display apparatus
52 8,690,343 Solid state light source and projection display apparatus having a fluorescence emission plate
53 8,690,112 Video display device with screen angle adjustment mechanism
54 8,689,900 Rotary tool
55 8,689,630 Inertial force sensor and detecting element used for same
56 8,689,581 Rotary-type fluid machine and refrigeration cycle apparatus
57 8,689,569 Cooling control circuit for peltier element
58 8,689,524 Medicine feeding device