Panasonic patents granted on 08 March 2011

47 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D633,871 Outlet
2 D633,867 Electric motor
3 7,904,919 Disk apparatus
4 7,904,918 Disk device for recording and reading information
5 7,904,836 Image reproduction method, image reproduction device and digital camera
6 7,904,675 Cache memory, system, and method of storing data
7 7,904,666 Access control device, access control integrated circuit, and access control method
8 7,904,449 Content searching apparatus
9 7,904,392 Content usage rule management system
10 7,904,292 Scalable encoding device, scalable decoding device, and method thereof
11 7,904,281 Mounting process simulation system and method thereof
12 7,904,188 Information outputting device, information output controlling method, and information output controlling program
13 7,904,127 Portable terminal
14 7,904,123 Shield case and MEMS microphone having it
15 7,904,030 High frequency switch, radio communication apparatus, and high frequency switching method
16 7,903,898 Visual processing apparatus, visual processing method, program, recording medium, display device, and integrated circuit
17 7,903,885 Data converting apparatus and method
18 7,903,875 Character recognition processing device, character recognition processing method, and mobile terminal device
19 7,903,754 Radio communication method, radio transmitting apparatus, and radio receiving apparatus
20 7,903,606 Radio communication apparatus employing non-transmission information indicative of not transmitting transmission data when transmission data is not sent corresponding to a quality indication signal or when the transmission data cannot be transmitted to the communicating station
21 7,903,531 Optical disk apparatus for detecting tilt of an optical disk, and an optical disk for tilt detection
22 7,903,529 Optical head and optical disc device
23 7,903,516 Recording medium and information reproduction method for reproducing management information from the information recording medium
24 7,903,515 Optical disc drive
25 7,903,505 Optical disc, optical disc drive, optical disc recording/reproducing method, and integrated circuit
26 7,903,396 Cover structure, electronic equipment and cover structure mounting method
27 7,903,385 Static electricity control part and process for manufacturing the same
28 7,903,384 Ground detection circuit for video signal driver to prevent large clamp transistor current
29 7,903,325 Wavelength converter and image display device
30 7,903,310 Hologram recording/reproducing apparatus, hologram multiplex recording method, and hologram recording medium utilizing reaction rate information and a recording interval time based on the reaction rate information
31 7,903,179 Motion detection device and noise reduction device using that
32 7,903,157 Imaging system and image sensor with filter selectively transmitting combination of plural narrow wavelength bands of incident light in low color rendering illumination
33 7,903,156 Image processing device, image processing method, computer program, recording medium storing the computer program, frame-to-frame motion computing method, and image processing method
34 7,903,030 Planar antenna device and radio communication device using the same
35 7,903,026 Positioning apparatus and positioning apparatus control method
36 7,902,942 Resonator and filter using the same
37 7,902,891 Two point modulator using voltage control oscillator and calibration processing method
38 7,902,757 Plasma display panel
39 7,902,756 Phosphor, light-emitting device, and plasma display panel
40 7,902,707 Anisotropic permanent magnet motor
41 7,902,568 Light-emitting module with plural light emitters and conductor pattern
42 7,901,807 Energy device and method for producing the same
43 7,901,738 Method for forming electrode for battery
44 7,901,264 Process for producing double helical glass tube, light-emitting tube for fluorescent lamp, and fluorescent lamp
45 7,901,139 Hydrodynamic bearing type rotary device
46 7,901,082 Illumination optical device and projection display device
47 7,900,856 Method of sorting resin