Panasonic patents granted on 09 December 2008

38 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE40,602 Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric TFT and a dummy element
2 D582,459 Digital still camera
3 D582,383 Telephone base unit
4 D582,347 Connector
5 7,464,281 Data processing apparatus
6 7,464,157 Information transmission system, information transmission method, electric device communication device, information communication device, communication control program
7 7,463,824 Collapsible lens barrel
8 7,463,797 Wavelength multiplexed light source and wavelength multiplexed light source system
9 7,463,767 Image display method, image display program, and image display apparatus
10 7,463,747 Loudspeaker system
11 7,463,728 Private branch exchange
12 7,463,665 Semiconductor laser diode
13 7,463,664 Coherent light source and optical device
14 7,463,586 Data transfer device to transfer repeat data from an upper station to a lower station
15 7,463,577 OFDM communication method and OFDM communication device
16 7,463,575 Optical information recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and initialization device
17 7,463,574 Method of recording data to an information recording medium
18 7,463,569 Optical disk apparatus with a wavelength plate having a two-dimensional array of birefringent regions
19 7,463,561 Optical pick-up head, optical information apparatus, and optical information reproducing method
20 7,463,506 Memory device, memory circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having variable resistance
21 7,463,458 Magnetoresistive-effect device with a multi-layer magnetoresistive-effect film
22 7,463,312 Remote controller and transmitter-receiver using the same
23 7,463,295 Characteristic correction apparatus for gamma correcting an image based on the image type
24 7,463,290 Information storing apparatus and method thereof
25 7,463,275 Light source for image writing apparatus and production method for light source
26 7,463,226 Driver circuit and display device
27 7,462,989 Plasma display panel, method for producing same and material for protective layer of such plasma display panel
28 7,462,985 Plasma display panel
29 7,462,914 Semiconductor circuit device and simulation method of the same
30 7,462,847 Ion implanter and ion implantation control method thereof
31 7,462,789 Rotary type encoder
32 7,462,540 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and process for producing the same
33 7,462,438 Resist material and pattern formation method using the same
34 7,462,421 Lithium ion secondary battery
35 7,462,373 Method for producing manganese oxide nanoparticle dispersed material and electrode
36 7,462,324 Measurement device and method for measuring electric signal from biological sample
37 7,461,788 Information reading apparatus and information reading system
38 7,461,528 Content processing apparatus and content display apparatus based on location information