Panasonic patents granted on 09 July 2013

58 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D685,835 Projector
2 D685,792 Electronic pen
3 D685,752 Set-top box
4 D685,750 Remote control
5 8,484,485 Encryption device and encryption system
6 8,484,409 Nonvolatile memory controller with logical defective cluster table
7 8,484,329 Device management system
8 8,483,987 Circuit with control function and test method thereof
9 8,483,743 Neighboring cell interference management in SC-FDMA
10 8,483,643 Harmonic rejection mixer
11 8,483,554 Electronic device and imaging device
12 8,483,515 Image processing method, image processor, integrated circuit, and recording medium
13 8,483,312 Methods and apparatus for reducing the average-to-minimum magnitude ratio of communications signals in communications transmitters
14 8,483,275 Field/frame adaptive decoding with field/frame index
15 8,483,189 OFDM signal transmission method, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus
16 8,483,134 Radio transmission appratus and radio transmission method that switch between communication methods
17 8,483,034 Optical pickup, inclination angle detection method, optical information device and information processing device
18 8,483,031 Optical head device, optical information device and information processing device
19 8,483,023 Optical head, diffraction device, objective lens, and optical disc apparatus
20 8,482,958 Current steering element, memory element, memory, and method of manufacturing current steering element
21 8,482,940 Illumination lighting device, discharge lamp lighting device, and vehicle headlamp lighting device using same
22 8,482,931 Package structure
23 8,482,700 Panel for liquid crystal display device
24 8,482,672 Video output device and video output method
25 8,482,657 Imaging apparatus and camera
26 8,482,539 Electronic pen system
27 8,482,513 Liquid crystal display device having a plurality of first and second scanning lines and a plurality of first and second video lines
28 8,482,490 Plasma display device having a protective layer including a base protective layer and a particle layer
29 8,482,474 Antenna apparatus
30 8,482,402 Master communication device in a power line communication system and slave communication device in a power line communication system
31 8,482,363 Surface acoustic wave filter device, duplexer including the same, and electronic apparatus including the same
32 8,482,275 Physical quantity detection circuit for allowing precise adjustment of the phase relationship between a sensor signal and a detection signal
33 8,482,228 Visible indication of mistaken lamp use
34 8,482,222 Lighting device and light fixture using lighting device
35 8,482,213 Electronic ballast with pulse detection circuit for lamp end of life and output short protection
36 8,482,200 Plasma display panel and protective film protecting electrodes of plasma display panel
37 8,482,190 Plasma display panel
38 8,482,184 Plate wave element and electronic equipment using same
39 8,482,170 Installation structure of a temperature sensor in a brush motor and an electric power tool including same
40 8,482,137 Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same
41 8,482,086 Three-dimensional structure and its manufacturing method
42 8,482,081 Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
43 8,482,010 EL display panel, EL display apparatus, and method of manufacturing EL display panel
44 8,482,003 Image display unit
45 8,481,990 Nonvolatile memory element
46 8,481,674 Polymer, semiconductor film, electrode, electrode active material, electrochemical element and electricity storage device
47 8,481,629 Surface mount adhesive, mounting structure including the same, and method for producing mounting structure
48 8,481,330 Method for analyzing sample solution and apparatus for analyzing sample solution
49 8,481,229 Fuel cell stack and fuel cell using the same
50 8,481,219 Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
51 8,480,878 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
52 8,480,869 Method of measuring hematocrit (Hct), sensor used in the method, and measuring device
53 8,480,867 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
54 8,480,866 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
55 8,480,804 Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same
56 8,480,010 Surface acoustic wave atomizer
57 8,479,400 Hair clipper
58 8,479,397 Electric shaver