Panasonic patents granted on 09 June 2009

35 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D594,166 Iron
2 D594,165 Iron
3 D594,048 Surveillance camera
4 D594,004 Portable computer
5 7,546,468 Program update method and server
6 7,546,239 Speech coder and speech decoder
7 7,546,107 Apparatus and method for interference canceller in a high frequency receiver and transmitter
8 7,546,024 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program, and reproduction method
9 7,545,934 Security information packaging system, LSI, and security information packaging method
10 7,545,882 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and digital radio communication method
11 7,545,873 Radio transmission apparatus, radio reception apparatus and radio transmission method
12 7,545,870 Reception device
13 7,545,770 Radio communication system and radio communication method
14 7,545,696 Ferro-electric memory device
15 7,545,583 Optical lens having antireflective structure
16 7,545,561 Image display and method for evaluating glass substrate to be used in same
17 7,545,445 Broadcast channel change detection apparatus provided with detection device for detecting change of channel of the broadcast wave
18 7,545,430 Moving mechanism, and compact camera, goniometer and fiberscope using the moving mechanism
19 7,545,424 Shift register and MOS-type solid-state image sensor
20 7,545,416 Image processing device and camera including CPU which determines whether processing performed using external memory
21 7,545,415 Information-added image pickup method, image pickup apparatus and information delivery apparatus used for the method, and information-added image pickup system
22 7,545,344 Plasma display device
23 7,545,278 Article position estimating apparatus, method of estimating article position, article search system, and article position estimating program
24 7,545,236 Electromechanical filter utilizing a quantum device and sensing electrode
25 7,545,187 PLL circuit and wireless device
26 7,545,156 Test circuit and test method that includes supplying a current to a plurality of light-receiving elements
27 7,545,107 Electrodeless discharge lamp lighting device and lighting apparatus
28 7,545,103 Cold-cathode tube lighting device for use in a plurality of cold-cathode tubes lit by one low-impedance power source
29 7,545,085 Piezoelectric element and ultrasonic actuator
30 7,544,630 Methods of manufacturing electrodes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
31 7,544,444 Alkaline dry battery and method for evaluating separator for use in alkaline dry battery
32 7,544,049 Cooling device and centrifugal pump to be used in the same device
33 7,543,755 Electronic key, electronic locking apparatus, electronic security system, and key administering server
34 7,543,376 Manufacturing method of flexible printed wiring board
35 7,543,357 Folding device and method of mounting the same