Panasonic patents granted on 10 April 2012

67 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D657,186 Microwave oven
2 8,156,515 Optical recording medium and reproducing device
3 8,156,363 Information processing device and mobile phone including comparison of power consumption information and remaining power
4 8,156,348 Power controller in information processor
5 8,156,347 Semiconductor memory card, playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback method, recording method, and computer-readable recording medium
6 8,156,257 Removeable medium, formatting device, formatting system, formatting method, and formatting program
7 8,155,964 Voice quality edit device and voice quality edit method
8 8,155,911 Flow rate measurement device
9 8,155,716 Portable radio device
10 8,155,656 Base station apparatus, sequence assigning method and reference signal generating method
11 8,155,599 Wireless communication apparatus for simultaneously performing multiple wireless communications
12 8,155,512 Camera system and camera body
13 8,155,501 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and system LSI
14 8,155,500 Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
15 8,155,464 Image compression unit, image decompression unit, and ultrasonic diagnostic device
16 8,155,438 Apparatus and method for adjusting inputted color concerning total and specific colors
17 8,155,355 Electret condenser microphone
18 8,155,346 Audio source direction detecting device
19 8,155,345 Wearable terminal, mobile imaging sound collecting device, and device, method, and program for implementing them
20 8,155,328 Sound reproducing apparatus
21 8,155,320 Data storage device, management server, integrated circuit, data update system, home electric apparatuses, data update method, encryption method, and encryption/decryption key generation method
22 8,155,235 Modulation device and demodulation device
23 8,155,227 Mobile station apparatus, communication method, and base station apparatus
24 8,155,224 Transmission method, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus
25 8,155,206 Picture encoding method and picture decoding method
26 8,155,201 Motion vector coding and decoding methods
27 8,155,200 Motion vector coding and decoding method
28 8,155,188 Field/frame adaptive decoding with field/frame index
29 8,155,179 Adaptive cable equalizer
30 8,155,085 Mobile communication method and access router
31 8,155,082 Master station, candidate for master station and method for use in a communication system
32 8,154,909 Resistance variable memory apparatus
33 8,154,876 Circuit board module and electronic apparatus
34 8,154,854 Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
35 8,154,803 Diffractive optical element with improved light transmittance
36 8,154,699 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,154,698 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
38 8,154,693 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for same
39 8,154,685 Planar illumination device, and image display device
40 8,154,677 Liquid crystal display device having a pixel region with two TFT elements and two pixel electrodes each having slits extending in two directions
41 8,154,616 Data processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
42 8,154,601 Television receiving system
43 8,154,599 Imaging region adjustment device
44 8,154,542 Plasma display device and plasma-display-panel driving method
45 8,154,498 Display device
46 8,154,476 Plasma display device
47 8,154,460 Wireless communication apparatus with housing changing between open and closed states
48 8,154,434 Pipelined A/D converter
49 8,154,367 Switch and switch device using same
50 8,154,299 Deterioration determination circuit, power supply apparatus, and deterioration determination method of secondary battery
51 8,154,214 Switching power supply for an illumination device with precision current control
52 8,154,211 End-of-life protection circuit and method for high intensity discharge lamp ballast
53 8,154,204 Plasma display device
54 8,154,203 Plasma display rear panel and its manufacturing method
55 8,154,171 Boundary acoustic wave device
56 8,154,123 Solder bump, semiconductor chip, method of manufacturing the semiconductor chip, conductive connection structure, and method of manufacturing the conductive connection structure
57 8,154,054 Semiconductor chip
58 8,153,297 Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery containing the same
59 8,153,292 Electrochemical device, manufacturing method of electrode thereof and processing apparatus for electrode of electrochemical device
60 8,152,901 Gas adsorbing device, vacuum heat insulator making use of gas adsorbing device and process for producing vacuum heat insulator
61 8,152,585 Method for manufacturing plasma display panel
62 8,152,583 Manufacturing method of organic EL display device
63 8,152,521 Orthodontic appliance
64 8,152,390 Barrier unit
65 8,152,314 Display device
66 8,152,049 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
67 8,151,451 Electronic component bonding machine