Panasonic patents granted on 10 August 2010

52 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,499 High-speed error correcting apparatus with efficient data transfer
2 D621,545 Electric shaver
3 7,774,852 Health care system, key management server and method for managing key, and encrypting device and method for encrypting vital sign data
4 7,774,778 Device control apparatus, device control method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with device control program
5 7,774,666 Analyzer
6 7,774,599 Methodologies to secure inter-process communication based on trust
7 7,774,593 Encrypted packet, processing device, method, program, and program recording medium
8 7,774,529 Bus communication apparatus that uses shared memory
9 7,774,508 Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, host device, and control method thereof
10 7,774,281 Information contents download system
11 7,774,201 Acoustic device with first and second gain setting units
12 7,773,935 Broadcast information receiving terminal
13 7,773,826 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
14 7,773,746 Encryption system, encryption device, decryption device, program, and integrated circuit
15 7,773,745 Opening mechanism having a solid body, a movable body and a guide mechanism for sliding the movable body with respect to the solid body
16 7,773,694 Communication apparatus and communication method
17 7,773,682 OFDM reception apparatus and OFDM reception method
18 7,773,646 Semiconductor light source and light-emitting device drive circuit
19 7,773,577 Method for reducing medium access overhead in a wireless network
20 7,773,568 Inter-station transmission method, radio base station monitoring method, and device using the method
21 7,773,498 Transmitting/receiving apparatus, method, program, recording medium, and integrating circuit used in communication network
22 7,773,486 Two-dimensional photoreceptor array, holographic optical information playback device, and holographic optical information recording device
23 7,773,484 Optical disc device and control circuit for optical disc device
24 7,773,468 Optical head and optical information recorder/reproducer
25 7,773,386 Flexible substrate, multilayer flexible substrate
26 7,773,343 Magnetic recording medium, and manufacturing method, manufacturing apparatus, recording and reproduction method, and recording and reproduction apparatus for the same
27 7,773,304 Optical pickup, optical disc drive device, and optical information device
28 7,773,216 Composite sheet material selection method for use in ultra-fast laser patterning
29 7,773,158 Visual processing device, display device, and integrated circuit
30 7,773,075 Display apparatus
31 7,773,065 Liquid crystal display and its light source driving method
32 7,773,046 Antenna device
33 7,773,023 A-to-D converter
34 7,772,961 Chip-shaped electronic part
35 7,772,822 Power supply apparatus
36 7,772,813 Power supply circuit
37 7,772,784 Transformer, illuminating apparatus using the same, and display apparatus using the same
38 7,772,783 Dimmable electronic ballast for electrodeless discharge lamp and luminaire
39 7,772,769 Light-emitting semiconductor device, light-emitting system and method for fabricating light-emitting semiconductor device
40 7,772,717 Dual wiring system
41 7,772,697 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
42 7,772,655 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
43 7,772,536 Solid-state imaging device having a plurality of signal charge holding unit with a write target switching unit and a read target switching unit
44 7,772,125 Structure in which cylindrical microstructure is maintained in anisotropic groove, method for fabricating the same, and semiconductor device, TFT driving circuit, panel, display and sensor using the structure in which cylindrical microstructure is maintained in anisotropic groove
45 7,772,098 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
46 7,771,918 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and pattern formation method
47 7,771,902 Photomask, fabrication method for the same and pattern formation method using the same
48 7,771,885 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and manufacturing method for electrode-membrane-frame assembly
49 7,771,873 Alkaline battery
50 7,771,561 Apparatus and method for surface treatment to substrate
51 7,771,205 Wiring board and optical disk drive using the same
52 7,771,058 Projection display apparatus