Panasonic patents granted on 10 February 2015

51 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,368 Communication apparatus and communication system
2 D722,295 Connector
3 8,954,830 Decoder, reception apparatus, decoding method, and reception method
4 8,954,532 Communication system determining effective remaining transmission rate using small-sized test data before transmitting actual data
5 8,953,931 Video processor, video processing method, integrated circuit for video processing, video playback device
6 8,953,897 Coding artifacts removing method, coding method, decoding method, coding artifacts removing apparatus, coding apparatus, and decoding apparatus
7 8,953,895 Image classification apparatus, image classification method, program, recording medium, integrated circuit, and model creation apparatus
8 8,953,857 Similar case searching apparatus and similar case searching method
9 8,953,823 Piezoelectric speaker and piezoelectric speaker array
10 8,953,704 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system and wireless communication method
11 8,953,703 Interleaving method and deinterleaving method
12 8,953,695 Transmitter, transmission method, receiver, reception method, program, and integrated circuit
13 8,953,692 Image coding method and image decoding method
14 8,953,689 Decoding method and apparatus with candidate motion vectors
15 8,953,666 Relaying apparatus, and communication system
16 8,953,543 Communication terminal, control device, communication method, control method, program, and integrated circuit
17 8,953,537 Transmit power control signaling for communication systems using carrier aggregation
18 8,953,428 Objective lens, optical head, optical disk device, and information processing device
19 8,953,426 Information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method
20 8,953,363 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and read method for the same
21 8,953,253 Lens barrel
22 8,953,122 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for same
23 8,953,052 Imaging device
24 8,953,017 Source device, sink device, communication system and method for wirelessly transmitting three-dimensional video data using packets
25 8,952,953 Display device
26 8,952,952 Display device
27 8,952,870 Input device and input method
28 8,952,739 Input circuit
29 8,952,621 High pressure discharge lamp lighting device, projector provided with the same, and high pressure discharge lamp lighting method
30 8,952,611 Electrode used for discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit, and projection image display apparatus
31 8,952,609 Display panel apparatus and method of fabricating display panel apparatus
32 8,952,573 Power generator and power generation system
33 8,952,499 Integrated circuit
34 8,952,472 Semiconductor device using close proximity wireless communication
35 8,952,372 Photoelectric element and method for producing the same
36 8,952,371 Organic EL element and method for manufacturing same
37 8,952,365 Light-emitting panel, manufacturing method of light-emitting panel, and film forming system
38 8,952,350 Non-volatile memory device and manufacturing method thereof
39 8,952,331 Infrared sensor module
40 8,951,686 Fuel processing apparatus, fuel cell system including fuel processing apparatus, and method for operating fuel processing apparatus
41 8,951,683 Hydrogen generator, fuel cell system including hydrogen generator, and method for operating hydrogen generator
42 8,951,674 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
43 8,951,447 Optically pumped semiconductor and device using the same
44 8,951,379 Tape attaching device and tape attaching method
45 8,951,104 Fixing structure for ventilator cover spring
46 8,950,897 Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus
47 8,950,890 Lamp and lighting apparatus
48 8,950,776 Wheelchair and bed
49 8,950,321 Screen printing device and screen printing method
50 8,950,064 Component mounting device and component mounting method
51 8,950,061 Electronic component mounting device