Panasonic patents granted on 10 June 2014

66 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D706,961 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 D706,855 Camera stand
3 D706,854 Release buttons of a removal lens frame for projector
4 D706,850 Camera for television apparatus
5 D706,748 Speaker box
6 D706,746 Headset
7 D706,745 Headset
8 D706,734 Television apparatus
9 8,752,149 Device for sharing anonymized information, and method for sharing anonymized information
10 8,752,139 Network connecting device and method
11 8,752,080 Turntable having elastic layer with high contact pressure portion
12 8,751,893 Synchronous hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol employing a first information element indicating whether to perform retransmission of an uplink data packet and a second information element indicates modulation and coding scheme (MCS) for the retransmission
13 8,751,770 Semiconductor recording apparatus and semiconductor recording system
14 8,751,734 Semiconductor memory card access apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium, an initialization method, and a semiconductor memory card
15 8,751,237 Text-to-speech device and text-to-speech method
16 8,751,191 Action analysis device and action analysis method
17 8,751,055 Distributed power supply system
18 8,750,880 Handover preprocessing system, mobile terminal, base station
19 8,750,866 Femtocell base station and access mode switching method
20 8,750,622 Image processing device and image processing method
21 8,750,601 Three-dimensional image processing device, and three-dimensional image processing method
22 8,750,543 Sound reproduction device
23 8,750,524 Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
24 8,750,495 Telephone apparatus
25 8,750,388 Multiview video decoding apparatus, multiview video decoding method, multiview video decoding program, and multiview video decoding integrated circuit
26 8,750,325 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
27 8,750,283 Radio communication base station apparatus and radio communication method
28 8,750,235 Sequence allocating method and sequence allocating apparatus
29 8,750,103 Application layer multicast (ALM) tree constructing apparatus, ALM tree constructing method, program, and integrated circuit
30 8,750,090 Communication apparatus and reception method
31 8,749,955 Capacitor
32 8,749,954 Electrode foil and capacitor using same
33 8,749,937 Display device
34 8,749,894 Lens barrel
35 8,749,893 Inner focus lens, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
36 8,749,741 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
37 8,749,739 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,749,734 Liquid crystal display device with layers of different color filters covering light shielding films
39 8,749,731 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,749,704 Video terminal and method for forming display images
41 8,749,693 Light reduction device and imaging apparatus
42 8,749,673 Image generation device and image generation system, method and program
43 8,749,460 Image display device having a reset switch for setting a potential of a capacitor to a predetermined reference state
44 8,749,457 Organic electroluminescence display device manufacturing method and organic electroluminescence display device
45 8,749,454 Image display device and method of controlling the same
46 8,749,195 Contactless charging module, contactless charging device, and method of manufacturing contactless charging module
47 8,749,168 Illumination light communication device, and illumination apparatus and system including same
48 8,749,149 Lighting device and illumination apparatus using the same
49 8,748,995 Nitride semiconductor device with metal layer formed on active region and coupled with electrode interconnect
50 8,748,987 Semiconductor device
51 8,748,977 Semiconductor device and method for producing same
52 8,748,941 Nitride semiconductor device having reduced interface leakage currents
53 8,748,939 Transistor and method for manufacturing same
54 8,748,901 Silicon carbide semiconductor element
55 8,748,899 Nitride-based semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
56 8,748,875 Organic electro-luminescence display device
57 8,748,792 Photosensor and photosensor array with capacitive element
58 8,748,026 Information-processing equipment
59 8,747,498 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system comprising the same
60 8,746,685 Image forming apparatus
61 8,746,669 Chip supply pallet and chip supply apparatus
62 8,746,364 Electric power tool
63 8,746,034 Inertial sensor
64 8,745,859 Component built-in module, and manufacturing method for component built-in module
65 8,745,776 Automatic head care apparatus and automatic head care method
66 8,745,775 Automatic head care apparatus and automatic head washing apparatus