Panasonic patents granted on 10 May 2011

58 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D637,761 Nose hair trimmer
2 D637,556 Outlet
3 7,941,864 Audio-video output apparatus, authentication processing method, and audio-video processing system
4 7,941,843 Mobile wireless communication system, mobile wireless terminal apparatus, virtual private network relay apparatus and connection authentication server
5 7,941,773 Simulation system to verify multicycle path based on circuit operational specification and circuit design specification
6 7,941,487 Apparatus, system, and method of electronic mail processing
7 7,941,319 Audio decoding apparatus and decoding method and program
8 7,941,153 Radio communication base station device and control channel arrangement method
9 7,941,145 Address registration control device
10 7,941,109 Polar modulation transmission apparatus and transmission power control method
11 7,941,045 Camera body, interchangeable lens unit, and imaging apparatus
12 7,941,031 Video processing apparatus, IC circuit for video processing apparatus, video processing method, and video processing program
13 7,941,029 Moving-image shooting device, method of shooting moving-image, recording medium in which video signals are recorded by the same shooting device, moving-image reproducing device for reproducing the video signals recorded in the same medium, and method of reproducing the moving-image
14 7,941,006 Pixel interpolating method and device
15 7,940,940 Muting circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
16 7,940,935 Content playback apparatus, content playback method, computer program, key relay apparatus, and recording medium
17 7,940,927 Information security device and elliptic curve operating device
18 7,940,863 Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
19 7,940,859 Transmission circuit and communication device
20 7,940,851 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
21 7,940,845 Motion vector calculating method
22 7,940,841 Modulating circuit, transmitting apparatus using the same, receiving apparatus and communication system
23 7,940,799 Code conversion method and device thereof
24 7,940,728 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
25 7,940,641 Wireless communication base station apparatus, wireless communication mobile station apparatus and pilot signal sequence allocating method in multicarrier communication
26 7,940,631 Optical pickup device
27 7,940,614 Method and an apparatus for recording information, and an information recording medium
28 7,940,613 Drive device
29 7,940,607 Optical disk device
30 7,940,515 Solid electrolytic capacitor
31 7,940,492 Hydrodynamic bearing device, spindle motor, and recording and reproducing apparatus
32 7,940,336 Circuit module for use in digital television receiver for receiving digital television broadcasting wave signal
33 7,940,318 Solid-state imaging device and driving method for a solid-state imaging device for high-speed photography and enabling multiple exposure photography
34 7,940,232 Plasma display panel driving method
35 7,940,231 Display panel drive-control device and display panel drive-control method
36 7,940,215 Adaptive antenna radio communication device
37 7,940,155 Varistor and electronic component module using same
38 7,940,138 Electrostatic discharge protection oscillation circuit in LSI
39 7,940,121 Operational amplifier and pipeline AD converter
40 7,940,086 Interface circuit that can switch between single-ended transmission and differential transmission
41 7,940,064 Method and apparatus for wafer level burn-in
42 7,940,031 Switching power supply circuitry
43 7,940,006 Plasma display device
44 7,939,988 Acoustic wave device
45 7,939,933 Semiconductor device
46 7,939,923 Memory card and method for manufacturing memory card
47 7,939,901 Optical device for reducing disturbance light and manufacturing method thereof
48 7,939,859 Solid state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
49 7,939,858 Semiconductor device with a transistor having different source and drain lengths
50 7,939,388 Plasma doping method and plasma doping apparatus
51 7,939,242 Barrier film material and pattern formation method using the same
52 7,939,232 Toner, process for producing toner, and two-component developing agent
53 7,939,202 Method for producing lithium-containing transition metal oxide
54 7,939,200 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
55 7,938,929 Heating and pressurizing apparatus for use in mounting electronic components, and apparatus and method for mounting electronic components
56 7,938,629 Fluorescent lamp, luminaire and method for manufacturing fluorescent lamp
57 7,938,541 Laser picture formation device and color picture formation method
58 7,938,030 Analytical device