Panasonic patents granted on 10 November 2015

58 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D743,059 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 9,185,779 Sensor device for reducing erroneous activation of a light source
3 9,185,775 Lighting device and lighting fixture
4 9,185,557 Serving GPRS support node and controlling method
5 9,185,461 Spot notification method, spot notification device, and spot notification device program
6 9,185,433 System and method for receiving broadcast content on a mobile platform during travel
7 9,185,410 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
8 9,185,406 Image decoding device, image coding device, methods thereof, programs thereof, integrated circuits thereof, and transcoding device
9 9,185,393 Image capturing device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and image capturing method
10 9,185,386 Video processing device, transmission device, video processing system, video processing method, transmission method, computer program and integrated circuit
11 9,185,382 Stereo image processor and stereo image processing method
12 9,185,336 Disc player device
13 9,185,130 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system, transmission method, and reception method
14 9,185,032 Radio apparatus that receives packet signal containing predetermined information
15 9,185,002 Method for controlling information apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and method for providing information
16 9,184,970 Pilot patterns for OFDM systems with multiple antennas
17 9,184,928 Communications terminal, communications method, and program and integrated circuit for controlling a reproduction delay time in distributing a stream
18 9,184,896 Terminal apparatus and transmission method
19 9,184,891 Wireless base station apparatus, wireless terminal apparatus, frequency resource allocation method, and method of forming transmission signal
20 9,184,838 Information communication method for obtaining information using ID list and bright line image
21 9,184,816 Transmission method, transmitter apparatus, reception method and receiver apparatus
22 9,184,723 Electromagnetic resonance coupler
23 9,184,696 Solar cell module and method for manufacturing the same
24 9,184,664 Semiconductor device provided with switching power supply device with intermittent oscillation control
25 9,184,662 Electric power supply apparatus
26 9,184,565 Semiconductor light-emitting element
27 9,184,509 Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
28 9,184,455 Fuel cell system and method of operating the same
29 9,184,449 Oxygen permeable film, oxygen permeable sheet, and cell including these
30 9,184,426 Battery connection member and battery module using the same
31 9,184,404 White light-emitting organic electroluminescent element and white light-emitting organic electroluminescent panel
32 9,184,381 Nonvolatile storage element and method for manufacturing same
33 9,184,371 Piezoelectric thin film, method for manufacturing same, inkjet head, method for forming image using inkjet head, angular velocity sensor, method for measuring angular velocity using angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric power generation element, and method for generating power using piezoelectric power generation element
34 9,184,316 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for manufacturing same
35 9,184,048 Method of manufacturing cellular electrophysiology sensor chip
36 9,183,926 Method for driving nonvolatile storage element, and nonvolatile storage device
37 9,183,925 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and method of performing the forming operation
38 9,183,825 Noise reduction apparatus
39 9,183,633 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
40 9,183,456 Measurement method, measurement apparatus, camera, and storage medium having stored therein computer program
41 9,183,437 Area search device and area search method
42 9,183,357 Recording/reproducing system, recording medium device, and recording/reproducing device
43 9,182,870 Touch panel and electronic device
44 9,182,869 Touch panel and electronic device
45 9,182,866 Touch panel and display device
46 9,182,821 Electronic device, information providing system, and method for controlling electronic device
47 9,182,809 Electronic device
48 9,182,611 Lens barrel
49 9,182,602 Image pickup device and rangefinder device
50 9,182,582 Observation device and method that performs compensation control as a first driving and a second driving
51 9,182,576 Image pickup lens, image pickup device using same, and portable apparatus equipped with the image pickup device
52 9,182,575 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
53 9,182,568 Lens barrel
54 9,182,478 Radar device
55 9,182,384 Analyzing device and analyzing method using same
56 9,182,038 Cooker with steam generating function
57 9,180,422 Isolator
58 9,180,060 Electric vehicle and method for controlling electric vehicle