Panasonic patents granted on 11 January 2011

48 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D630,747 Intraoral camera
2 D630,665 Surveillance camera
3 D630,664 Surveillance camera
4 7,870,325 Cache memory system
5 7,869,942 Travel plan presenting apparatus and method thereof
6 7,869,760 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
7 7,869,702 Image blur correcting device and camera
8 7,869,688 Recording apparatus
9 7,869,675 Light emitting device
10 7,869,661 Image coding apparatus, image coding method, and image coding program for coding at least one still frame with still frame coding having a higher quality than normal frame coding of other frames
11 7,869,649 Image processing device, image processing method, program, storage medium and integrated circuit
12 7,869,600 Optical transmitter and transmitting method for transmitting cryptogram
13 7,869,595 Content copying device and content copying method
14 7,869,580 Mobile phone with music reproduction function, music data reproduction method by mobile phone with music reproduction function, and the program thereof
15 7,869,462 Broadcast system and method therefor
16 7,869,461 Scheduling mode dependent data transmissions
17 7,869,338 Position detection device, position detection method, position detection control device, position detection control method, position detection control program, access authentication device, access authentication method, access authentication control device, access authentication control method, access authentication control program, information storage device, and optical disk
18 7,869,331 Optical head, control method for optical head, and optical information processing apparatus
19 7,869,328 Optical disk and optical disk reproducing device
20 7,869,327 Phase error detecting device, waveform shaping device and optical disc device
21 7,869,326 Optical disc drive, optical storage medium, optical storage medium inspection apparatus, and optical storage medium inspection method
22 7,869,314 Disc control device
23 7,869,148 Imaging apparatus
24 7,869,120 Laser wavelength conversion device, method for forming polarization reversed structure, and image display device
25 7,868,940 Image capture device
26 7,868,927 Image data generating apparatus, method and program
27 7,868,925 Device, method, and program for generating high-resolution image data at a low data transfer rate
28 7,868,815 Wireless distance measurement system and wireless distance measurement method
29 7,868,803 Semiconductor device having .DELTA..SIGMA. modulator, and semiconductor system
30 7,868,680 Semiconductor input/output control circuit
31 7,868,662 Spike noise eliminating circuit, digital system using the same, and IIC bus
32 7,868,351 Light emitting device
33 7,868,336 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,868,331 Light-emitting device having a metal oxide semiconductor porous body with an organic light-emitting material
35 7,868,286 Mounted imaging device
36 7,867,840 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
37 7,867,813 Organic thin film transistors
38 7,867,794 Surface-mount type optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
39 7,867,657 Electrolyte for non-aqueous cell and non-aqueous secondary cell
40 7,867,563 Component mounting method
41 7,867,431 Method of and apparatus for making a three-dimensional object
42 7,867,141 Physical activity measuring system
43 7,866,957 Hermetic compressor
44 7,866,831 Image projector
45 7,866,822 Video projector using coherent light source
46 7,866,518 Tape feeder, tape carrying unit and tape exfoliating unit
47 7,866,379 Heat exchanger
48 7,866,220 Method for collecting gaseous sample