Panasonic patents granted on 11 October 2011

61 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,825 Optical pickup head device, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and method for recording information
2 D646,863 Steam iron
3 D646,812 Light emitting diode lamp
4 D646,811 Light emitting diode lamp
5 D646,810 Light emitting diode lamp
6 D646,804 Light emitting diode lamp
7 8,037,500 Portable media device and method for presenting viewing content during travel
8 8,037,495 Electronic program guide display device, and electronic program guide display method
9 8,037,487 Optical disk device
10 8,037,456 Program execution device
11 8,037,317 Method for authenticating and executing a program
12 8,037,269 Portable auxiliary storage device
13 8,037,216 DMA transfer control device
14 8,037,201 Content holder unit, information processing method, and program
15 8,037,006 Sound classification system and method capable of adding and correcting a sound type
16 8,036,887 CELP speech decoder modifying an input vector with a fixed waveform to transform a waveform of the input vector
17 8,036,823 Navigation system
18 8,036,515 Reproducer, program, and reproducing method
19 8,036,513 Playback apparatus and playback method
20 8,036,512 Digital signal receiving apparatus and digital signal receiving method
21 8,036,390 Scalable encoding device and scalable encoding method
22 8,036,309 Method and transmitter structure reducing ambiguity by repetition rearrangement in the symbol domain
23 8,036,303 Transmitter apparatus
24 8,036,254 Semiconductor laser driving circuit, and optical disc device and integrated circuit provided with semiconductor laser driving circuit
25 8,036,233 Power line communication apparatus, power line communication system, power line communication method and integrated circuit
26 8,036,189 Mobile node and communication control method
27 8,036,163 Wireless communication control system and method thereof
28 8,036,095 Signal processing device for optical disks and optical disk apparatus
29 8,036,093 Optical head device and recording/reproduction device
30 8,036,078 Optical disc apparatus and optical pickup
31 8,036,071 Wobble information recording method, information recording medium, and recording and reproduction method and apparatus thereof
32 8,035,998 Switching power supply
33 8,035,721 Imaging apparatus
34 8,035,710 Solid-state imaging device and signal processing method
35 8,035,602 Liquid crystal panel driving device
36 8,035,460 Surface acoustic wave device, surface acoustic wave filter and antenna duplexer using the same, and electronic equipment using the same
37 8,035,424 AC-coupled interface circuit
38 8,035,395 Battery life predicting device and battery life predicting method
39 8,035,301 Plasma display device and method of manufacturing green phosphor material for plasma display device
40 8,035,265 Motor stator and molded motor
41 8,035,232 Semiconductor device including interconnects, vias connecting the interconnects and greater thickness of the liner film adjacent the vias
42 8,035,229 Semiconductor device
43 8,035,225 Semiconductor chip assembly and fabrication method therefor
44 8,035,197 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
45 8,035,188 Semiconductor device
46 8,035,178 Solid-state imaging device
47 8,035,174 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
48 8,035,134 Forward body bias-controlled semiconductor integrated circuit
49 8,035,072 Optical semiconductor device and infrared data communication apparatus eliminating low frequency component
50 8,035,070 Imaging apparatus and device
51 8,035,066 Solid-state imaging device including A/D converting circuit with power-down controller
52 8,034,721 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
53 8,034,707 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
54 8,034,693 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
55 8,034,642 Method for pretreating electrochemical capacitor negative electrode, method for manufacturing the electrochemical capacitor negative electrode, and method for manufacturing electrochemical capacitor using the method for manufacturing the electrochemical capacitor negative electrode
56 8,034,484 Electrochemical device and electrode active material for electrochemical device
57 8,034,447 Electronic components mounting adhesive and electronic components mounting structure
58 8,033,732 Hydrodynamic bearing device, and spindle motor equipped with same
59 8,033,485 Electrostatic atomizer and coolant-circulating equipment including same
60 8,033,135 Rotary-type fluid machine and refrigeration cycle apparatus
61 8,033,016 Method for manufacturing an electrode and electrode component mounted body