Panasonic patents granted on 12 April 2016

45 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D753,650 Portable computer
2 D753,591 Motor
3 D753,391 Video camera case
4 9,313,912 Electronic device storage case
5 9,313,865 Control method of mobile device
6 9,313,864 Illumination control system, control apparatus, and illumination control method
7 9,313,844 Lighting device and luminaire
8 9,313,835 Planar light emitting device
9 9,313,831 Induction heating apparatus capable of avoiding unstable heating due to limitation of heating output
10 9,313,826 Wireless communication system and mobile information terminal
11 9,313,808 Radio reception device and radio reception method
12 9,313,795 Apparatus and method for generating and transmitting reference signal in radio communication
13 9,313,777 Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
14 9,313,689 Wireless communication apparatus and transmission frame control method
15 9,313,584 Hearing assistance suitability determining device and hearing assistance suitability determining method
16 9,313,499 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
17 9,313,487 Image decoding method and image decoding apparatus for sample adaptive offset information
18 9,313,477 Three-dimensional video processing apparatus and three-dimensional video processing method
19 9,313,468 Video display device and method for adjusting the same
20 9,313,411 Camera, distortion correction device and distortion correction method
21 9,313,325 Telephone transmission system, telephone transmission server and display unit
22 9,313,051 Integrated circuit for controlling a process
23 9,313,009 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
24 9,312,942 Diversity receiver
25 9,312,913 Echo cancellation apparatus, echo cancellation method and communications apparatus
26 9,312,853 High frequency semiconductor switch circuit and high frequency radio system including same
27 9,312,797 Motor driving circuit, motor device, and electric vehicle
28 9,312,711 Battery charger cradle
29 9,312,659 Nitride semiconductor laser element
30 9,312,555 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system
31 9,312,554 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system
32 9,312,302 Light emitting module, lighting apparatus, and lighting fixture
33 9,311,964 Terminal device, method for controlling terminal device, and non-transitory recording medium on which computer program is recorded
34 9,311,487 Tampering monitoring system, management device, protection control module, and detection module
35 9,310,950 Electronic device and coordinate detecting method
36 9,310,906 Electronic device
37 9,310,789 Component verification method and component verification system
38 9,310,651 Liquid crystal display device with first and second substrates sealed by sealing material with an end of protective material on second substrate being disposed between inner and outer wall surfaces of the sealing material
39 9,310,637 Liquid crystal display device
40 9,310,536 Objective lens element
41 9,310,528 Optical element, imaging apparatus including the same, and method for fabricating the same
42 9,310,046 Light emitting module and lighting device using the same
43 9,309,886 Inverter-integrated electric compressor
44 9,309,264 Method for adsorbing carbon dioxide onto porous metal-organic framework materials, method for cooling porous metal-organic framework materials, method for obtaining aldehyde using porous metal-organic framework materials, and method for warming porous metal-organic framework materials
45 9,308,862 Drive assistance device