Panasonic patents granted on 12 February 2013

46 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D676,145 Chip for biochemical examination
2 D676,074 LCD monitor equipped video camera using semiconductor memory card
3 D676,046 Tablet computer
4 D676,044 Portable computer
5 D676,043 Portable computer
6 8,375,323 Display control device, storage medium, and integrated circuit
7 8,375,317 Motor control characteristic evaluation device and motor control characteristic presentation method
8 8,375,238 Memory system
9 8,375,160 Memory controller, nonvolatile storage module, access module and nonvolatile storage system
10 8,375,105 In-flight service system
11 8,374,884 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
12 8,374,883 Encoder and decoder using inter channel prediction based on optimally determined signals
13 8,374,877 Hearing aid and hearing-aid processing method
14 8,374,842 Device emulation support apparatus, device emulation support method, device emulation support circuit and information processor
15 8,374,580 Service in WLAN inter-working, address management system, and method
16 8,374,496 Camera system and camera body
17 8,374,493 Playback apparatus
18 8,374,488 Universal multimedia optic disc player and its application for revocable copy protection
19 8,374,277 Wireless communication mobile station device and method for using precoding matrix
20 8,374,276 Radio communication apparatus and resending controlling method
21 8,374,275 Method and system for communication channel optimization in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system
22 8,374,256 Communication apparatus and communication method
23 8,374,202 Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
24 8,374,193 Communication method and communication device
25 8,374,152 Cell selection system, cell selection method, and mobile terminal
26 8,373,934 Lens barrel
27 8,373,808 Liquid crystal parallax barrier, display device and liquid crystal display device
28 8,373,795 Camera body and imaging device to which a lens unit configured to form an optical image of a subject can be mounted
29 8,373,780 Solid-state image sensor and camera
30 8,373,772 Imaging apparatus for capturing a main image and a sub image
31 8,373,690 Scanning image display apparatus
32 8,373,674 Touch screen device
33 8,373,671 Touch screen device
34 8,373,636 Driving method for display device
35 8,373,539 Gas cutoff apparatus
36 8,373,419 Lifetime estimating method and deterioration suppressing method for rechargeable lithium battery, lifetime estimating apparatus, deterioration suppressor, and battery pack and charger using the same
37 8,373,315 Linear oscillatory actuator
38 8,373,191 Organic electroluminescence device and method of fabricating the same
39 8,373,102 Induction cooker
40 8,373,101 Induction heating device with orthogonal coils
41 8,372,650 Sensing element for nitrogen oxide molecule sensing apparatus for nitrogen oxide molecule and method for sensing nitrogen oxide molecule
42 8,372,104 Lancet for blood collection and puncture needle unit
43 8,371,701 Discharge lamp lighting device and projector with polarity inversion control of a discharge lamp
44 8,371,027 Electronic components mounting method
45 8,371,021 Manufacturing method of rare earth-iron ring magnet with continuous orientation controlled anisotropy
46 8,370,980 Drum type washing machine