Panasonic patents granted on 12 January 2016

42 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,237,686 Method and system for producing component mounting board
2 9,237,627 Light-emitting element driving device
3 9,237,575 Base station, terminal, band allocation method, and downlink data communication method
4 9,237,571 Communication device and communication method
5 9,237,522 Active bandwidth indicator for power-saving UEs
6 9,237,408 Wireless base station, wireless communication terminal, and wireless communication system
7 9,237,341 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
8 9,237,272 Imaging apparatus and method for displaying captured image with different colors associated with distances
9 9,237,174 System and method to keep continuity of media flows for a collaborative session without constant controller(s) involvement
10 9,237,049 Wireless communication base station device, wireless communication mobile station device, and propagation path estimation method
11 9,236,994 Communication apparatus and retransmission control method
12 9,236,931 Relay device, receiving device, transmitting device, and relay method
13 9,236,923 Signal generation method and signal generation device
14 9,236,918 MIMO transmitting apparatus, MIMO receiving apparatus, MIMO transmission signal formation method, and MIMO transmission signal separation method
15 9,236,913 Non-contact charger system, control device, wireless communication device, and non-contact charging device
16 9,236,900 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
17 9,236,857 Voltage detection circuit
18 9,236,827 Motor drive circuit, motor device, and moving vehicle
19 9,236,790 Power distribution device and power distribution system using same
20 9,236,764 DC power supply system
21 9,236,672 Holding metal fitting, connector coupler, and connector
22 9,236,585 Battery block and method for manufacturing same
23 9,236,576 Photoelectric element, process for producing photoelectric element, and photosensitizer
24 9,236,381 Nonvolatile memory element, nonvolatile memory apparatus, nonvolatile semiconductor apparatus, and method of manufacturing nonvolatile memory element
25 9,236,338 Built-up substrate, method for manufacturing same, and semiconductor integrated circuit package
26 9,236,090 Video generating apparatus and video generating method
27 9,236,053 Encoding and decoding system, decoding apparatus, encoding apparatus, encoding and decoding method
28 9,236,018 Reducing deterioration in display quality of a displayed image on a display device
29 9,235,940 In-vehicle charger
30 9,235,914 Image editing apparatus
31 9,235,872 Image processing device, image processing method, program, and integrated circuit
32 9,235,266 Electronic apparatus including vibrating section which vibrates depending on reproduction position
33 9,235,216 Running information generating apparatus of autonomous running apparatus, running information generating method, running information generating program, and autonomous running apparatus
34 9,235,108 Projection system
35 9,235,091 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
36 9,235,024 Lens barrel
37 9,234,956 Radar device
38 9,234,747 Apparatus which estimates inside of object and method of estimating inside of object
39 9,233,693 Tire sensing system
40 9,233,467 Control apparatus and method for master-slave robot, master-slave robot, and control program
41 9,232,905 Uncomfortable loudness level estimating system, uncomfortable loudness level estimating device, uncomfortable loudness level estimating method, and computer program for same
42 9,232,904 Electroencephalogram recording apparatus, hearing aid, electroencephalogram recording method, and program thereof