Panasonic patents granted on 12 October 2010

51 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,819 Transmission apparatus and base station apparatus using the same
2 D625,406 Oral irrigator
3 7,814,555 Information network system and information apparatus
4 7,814,515 Digital data delivery system and method of the same
5 7,814,514 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus configured for use with copy control information
6 7,814,445 Circuit wiring interference analysis device, interference analysis program, database used in interference analysis device, and asymmetrically connected line model
7 7,814,422 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method and recording method
8 7,814,406 Display apparatus and display method
9 7,814,257 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
10 7,814,252 Asymmetric multiprocessor
11 7,814,168 Unit-to-unit data exchange system, and unit, exchange completion data keeping device and program for use in the same
12 7,813,946 Television and lifetime estimating method of a television
13 7,813,928 Speech recognition device, speech recognition method, and program
14 7,813,755 Antenna device
15 7,813,709 MIMO antenna apparatus provided with variable impedance load element connected to parasitic element
16 7,813,620 Recording apparatus, editing apparatus, digital video recording system, and file format
17 7,813,619 Synchronizing of a digital signal using a PCR program clock reference
18 7,813,584 Image reproduction device and image reproduction method employing a brightness adjustment
19 7,813,568 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
20 7,813,512 Encrypted communication system and communication device
21 7,813,251 Optical head device and optical information apparatus using this optical head device, and computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder and optical disk server using this optical information apparatus
22 7,813,239 Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information recording medium
23 7,813,236 Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording/reproduction system
24 7,813,235 Objective lens, optical pick-up device, and optical disk device
25 7,813,229 Gain setting method for optical disk reproducing apparatus
26 7,813,214 Semiconductor memory device
27 7,813,123 Opening and closing device
28 7,813,055 Light receiver and Fresnel lens used therein
29 7,812,886 AV synchronization system
30 7,812,875 Solid-state imaging device
31 7,812,840 Scene modifier representation generation apparatus and scene modifier representation generation method
32 7,812,756 Pipeline A/D converter and digital camera
33 7,812,688 Surface acoustic wave filter, boundary acoustic wave filter, and antenna duplexer using same
34 7,812,637 Level shifter
35 7,812,571 Charging device
36 7,812,564 Blower and electric device with such blower mounted thereon
37 7,812,534 Gas discharge display panel
38 7,812,489 Motor
39 7,812,483 Vibratory linear actuator
40 7,812,474 Automobile
41 7,812,453 Semiconductor device
42 7,812,417 Electret capacitor type composite sensor
43 7,812,380 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of the same
44 7,812,378 Semiconductor device with high capacitance and low leakage current
45 7,812,374 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
46 7,812,345 Organic EL display panel
47 7,811,712 Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
48 7,811,696 Lithium secondary battery and method for producing the same
49 7,811,519 Analysis device, analysis disk, and analysis system using the device and the disk
50 7,811,472 Phosphor composition and method for producing the same, and light-emitting device using the same
51 7,810,976 Surface emitting apparatus and image display apparatus using the surface emitting apparatus