Panasonic patents granted on 13 August 2013

73 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,510,844 Authorized content verification method, content transmission/reception system, transmitter, and receiver
2 8,510,608 Generating PUF error correcting code using redundant hardware
3 8,510,544 Starts up of modules of a second module group only when modules of a first group have been started up legitimately
4 8,510,421 Server, terminal apparatus, device registering system, registering method, registering program and recording medium
5 8,510,156 Viewing terminal apparatus, viewing statistics-gathering apparatus, viewing statistics-processing system, and viewing statistics-processing method
6 8,509,990 System and method for performing real-time data analysis
7 8,509,950 Control apparatus and control method for robot, robot, and control program therefor
8 8,509,868 Method for measuring a concentration of a biogenic substance contained in a living body
9 8,509,596 Recording medium, playback apparatus, program, and playback method
10 8,509,593 Recording medium, playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback method, recording method, and program
11 8,509,590 Metadata recording device and method thereof
12 8,509,571 Pattern recognition apparatus, pattern recognition method, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
13 8,509,560 Method, apparatus and integrated circuit for improving image sharpness
14 8,509,360 Pulse radio receiver
15 8,509,344 Radio transmission device and radio communication method
16 8,509,285 Base station apparatus and response signal receiving method
17 8,509,280 Gas laser oscillator apparatus and gas laser machining apparatus
18 8,509,227 Data analysis apparatus and data analysis method
19 8,509,141 Integrated circuit for channel arrangement and radio communication
20 8,509,047 Optical head device and optical information device using the same, computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder, and optical disk server
21 8,509,046 Optical information recording method, optical information recording device, optical information reproduction method, optical information reproduction device, and optical information recording medium
22 8,509,044 Recording medium and recording or reproducing apparatus therefor for recording or reproducing control information
23 8,509,042 Optical disc apparatus, focus control method and integrated circuit
24 8,509,029 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
25 8,508,976 Nonvolatile memory element and nonvolatile memory device
26 8,508,966 Power source switch device and power source system provided with same
27 8,508,939 Fan and electronic device equipped with the same
28 8,508,867 Lens barrel
29 8,508,858 Lens barrel
30 8,508,847 Diffractive optical element and optical device
31 8,508,826 Meandering oscillator, optical reflecting element using meandering oscillator, and image projection device using meandering oscillator
32 8,508,738 Nitrogen oxide sensing element, nitrogen oxide sensor, nitrogen oxide concentration determination device using same, and method for determining nitrogen oxide concentration
33 8,508,701 Display device
34 8,508,689 Light-emitting device, surface light-emitting apparatus, display system
35 8,508,688 Illuminating lens, lighting device, surface light source, and liquid-crystal display apparatus
36 8,508,673 User interface device and method for presenting viewing content
37 8,508,633 Image device with color and brightness signal processing
38 8,508,603 Object detection device, object detection system, integrated circuit for object detection, and object detection method
39 8,508,585 Three-dimensional video reproduction apparatus, three-dimensional video reproduction method, and integrated circuit
40 8,508,562 Image display device
41 8,508,555 Plasma display device
42 8,508,517 Electrostatic protection element
43 8,508,513 Display device
44 8,508,511 Inputting device
45 8,508,492 Touch panel and method of detecting press operation position thereon
46 8,508,437 Plasma display device having a protective layer including a base protective layer and a particle layer
47 8,508,342 Transmitting / receiving antenna and transmitter / receiver device using the same
48 8,508,303 Digital frequency/phase locked loop
49 8,508,269 Reference frequency generation circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and electronic device
50 8,508,268 PLL circuit, calibration method and wireless communication terminal
51 8,508,253 Nonvolatile logic circuit and a method for operating the same
52 8,508,180 Motor drive apparatus
53 8,508,177 Stepping motor drive device
54 8,508,129 Plasma display panel including metal oxide crystal powder and method of manufacturing same
55 8,508,101 Elastic boundary wave substrate and elastic boundary wave functional element using the substrate
56 8,508,076 Wireless power transmission unit and power generator and power generation system with the wireless power unit
57 8,508,051 Protection film having a plurality of openings above an electrode pad
58 8,508,002 Semiconductor device
59 8,507,982 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
60 8,507,935 Light emitting element and light emitting device
61 8,507,793 Plasma display panel and chamber for manufacturing plasma display panel
62 8,507,629 Organic polymer containing two or more organic ring structures and a chain structure threading through the organic ring structures, and production method thereof
63 8,507,136 Fuel cell system
64 8,507,119 Battery block and battery module
65 8,507,076 Combination of base layer and ink for inkjet for manufacturing electronic component
66 8,507,073 Exterior parts
67 8,507,072 Antenna apparatus
68 8,506,587 Puncture needle cartridge
69 8,506,489 Ultrasonograph
70 8,506,133 Lighting device
71 8,505,839 Electrostatically atomizing device
72 8,505,618 Heat transfer fin and fin-tube heat exchanger
73 8,505,159 Agitator cavity fitting for floor care cleaning apparatus