Panasonic patents granted on 13 January 2015

49 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,935,521 Control apparatus, method of controlling control apparatus, and digital broadcast receiving apparatus
2 8,935,461 Memory unit outputting a required time for a rewrite and method for controlling CPU
3 8,935,162 Encoding device, decoding device, and method thereof for specifying a band of a great error
4 8,935,161 Encoding device, decoding device, and method thereof for secifying a band of a great error
5 8,935,120 Revolution increase-decrease determination device and revolution increase-decrease determination method
6 8,934,848 Radio communication device and radio communication method configured for channel quality reporting of selected sub-carrier bands
7 8,934,757 Content distribution system, playback device, distribution server, playback method, and distribution method
8 8,934,743 Light-receiving device having light-trapping sheet
9 8,934,728 Image display system, image composing and re-encoding apparatus, image display apparatus, method of displaying image, and computer-readable storage medium having stored therein image composing and re-encoding program
10 8,934,720 Image processing device, image processing method, and integrated circuit in which super resolution process data is output as output data for input pixel data that is classified as high-frequency region data and that has noise less than or equal to a threshold
11 8,934,695 Similar case searching apparatus and similar case searching method
12 8,934,674 Person detection device and person detection method
13 8,934,671 Traffic line creation device and traffic line creation method
14 8,934,651 Sound image localization device
15 8,934,575 Reception method and reception device estimating reception quality and communication system using the reception device
16 8,934,563 Method and device for feeding back pre-coding matrix index of dual-polarized antenna
17 8,934,537 Video coding device and video coding method
18 8,934,455 Communication terminal and network node
19 8,934,418 Radio communication base station device and control signal mapping method
20 8,934,345 Method for ensuring medium access in a wireless network
21 8,934,243 Electronic device
22 8,934,241 Electronic device with cooling capability
23 8,934,224 Electronic device
24 8,934,220 Electronic device
25 8,934,177 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
26 8,934,159 See-through display and head-up display
27 8,934,069 Liquid crystal display device
28 8,934,016 Video display apparatus and video display method
29 8,934,001 Eyeglass device and video system
30 8,933,975 Display device and display control method
31 8,933,923 Display device and method for driving display device
32 8,933,910 Information input apparatus, information input method, and program
33 8,933,886 Instruction input device, instruction input method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit
34 8,933,880 Interactive presentation system
35 8,933,870 Drive circuit for display panel, and display device
36 8,933,853 Small antenna apparatus operable in multiple bands
37 8,933,620 White light LED module with green and red phosphors and illumination device having the same
38 8,933,611 Vibration power generator, vibration power generating device and communication device having vibration power generating device mounted thereon
39 8,933,608 Commutator motor and method of connecting windings of the same
40 8,933,543 Nitride semiconductor element having m-plane angled semiconductor region and electrode including Mg and Ag
41 8,933,471 Organic EL panel, display device using same, and method for producing organic EL panel
42 8,933,466 Semiconductor element
43 8,933,463 Semiconductor element, semiconductor device, and power converter
44 8,933,394 Semiconductor device having at least a transistor cell with a second conductive type region surrounding a wall region and being insulated from both gate electrode and source electrode and solid state relay using same
45 8,933,371 Tandem arc welding device
46 8,933,370 Arc welding control method and arc welding control system
47 8,931,674 Tape feeder and method of mounting tape onto tape feeder
48 8,931,342 Piezoelectric film and method of manufacturing the same, ink jet head, method of forming image by the ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method of measuring angular velocity by the angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element, and method of generating electric power using the piezoelectric generating element
49 8,931,298 Air conditioner