Panasonic patents granted on 14 August 2012

63 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D665,220 Microwave oven
2 D665,219 Microwave oven
3 8,245,090 Apparatus for formatting information storage medium
4 8,245,040 Secret authentication system
5 8,244,829 Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transmitting method and data receiving method
6 8,244,673 Information presenting device, information presenting method, information presenting program, and integrated circuit
7 8,244,197 Receiving device and electronic equipment using the same
8 8,244,107 Data processing apparatus
9 8,244,098 Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, recording medium, program and computer-readable recording medium
10 8,244,054 Method, apparatus and integrated circuit capable of reducing image ringing noise
11 8,243,935 Sound image localization control apparatus
12 8,243,927 Digital video receiver, ECM extract equipment, EMM extract equipment, scramble key extract equipment, CCI extract equipment, digital video receiving system, ECM extract method, EMM extract method, scramble key extract method, CCI extract method, digital video receiving method, and recording medium
13 8,243,854 Amplitude control circuit, polar modulation transmission circuit and polar modulation method
14 8,243,842 Signal separating device and signal separating method
15 8,243,837 Sequence allocating method and wireless mobile station device
16 8,243,834 Wireless communication device
17 8,243,702 Wireless communication system
18 8,243,673 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
19 8,243,605 Network device verifying apparatus
20 8,243,571 Reproduced signal evaluating method, information recording medium, reproducing device, and recording device
21 8,243,567 Optical disc, playback apparatus for optical disc, and apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disc
22 8,243,444 Electronic equipment provided with grip mechanism
23 8,243,443 Filter mountable on display device and electronic equipment provided with display device
24 8,243,240 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing that
25 8,243,238 Transflective liquid crystal display device
26 8,243,232 Backlight for liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device using the same
27 8,243,227 Liquid crystal display device having reduced outer dimensions
28 8,243,180 Imaging apparatus
29 8,243,176 Solid-state image sensor
30 8,243,170 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
31 8,243,160 Imaging processor
32 8,243,136 Tag sensor system and sensor device, and object position estimating device and object position estimating method
33 8,243,111 Optical disc label printer, thermosensitive recording printer and thermosensitive recording method
34 8,243,107 Display panel device, display device, and control method thereof
35 8,242,987 Display device
36 8,242,963 Antenna device
37 8,242,773 Vehicle switch
38 8,242,765 Switching power supply device and semiconductor device used for the same
39 8,242,744 Battery charger and detection structure for detecting mounted compact electric apparatus
40 8,242,698 Organic electroluminescent display device
41 8,242,687 Organic EL display with a color filter having a black matrix and method of manufacturing the same
42 8,242,659 Mold commutator and commutator motor using the same
43 8,242,595 Heatsink and semiconductor device with heatsink
44 8,242,567 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
45 8,242,516 Organic EL display panel and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,242,505 Display device
47 8,242,479 Nonvolatile memory apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
48 8,242,025 Method for producing semiconductor chip, and field effect transistor and method for manufacturing same
49 8,241,807 Fuel cell system
50 8,241,790 Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery containing the same
51 8,241,785 Alkaline dry battery and battery pack
52 8,241,783 Battery lid structure for electronic device
53 8,241,780 Alkaline battery
54 8,241,699 Deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing film by using deposition apparatus
55 8,241,435 Apparatus and method for washing electrode plate core for alkaline battery
56 8,241,407 Electrostatically atomizing kit for use in a vehicle
57 8,241,017 Ceiling fan
58 8,240,997 Centrifugal impeller and centrifugal blower using the centrifugal impeller
59 8,240,543 Electronic component mounting system, electronic component placing apparatus, and electronic component mounting method
60 8,240,539 Joining apparatus with UV cleaning
61 8,240,036 Method of producing a circuit board
62 8,240,028 Nozzle mechanism, mounting head and electronic component mounting apparatus
63 8,239,991 Electric-electronic toothbrush