Panasonic patents granted on 14 July 2009

41 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,562,381 Camera unit and camera unit control method capable of avoiding confusion when operated by a plurality of users
2 7,562,327 Mask layout design improvement in gate width direction
3 7,562,184 DRAM controller for graphics processing operable to enable/disable burst transfer
4 7,562,165 USB host system, AV data reproduction apparatus and AV data recording apparatus
5 7,562,023 Method and processing apparatus for settling purchase and providing information about subsequent act to be performed
6 7,562,018 Speech synthesis method and speech synthesizer
7 7,562,006 Dialog supporting device
8 7,561,894 Transmission power control method and base station device
9 7,561,816 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus including synchronization of magnetic flux generation
10 7,561,779 Video data processor having converting section for producing NTSC- or PAL-compliant synthetic video data
11 7,561,752 Image processing apparatus
12 7,561,751 Image processing method
13 7,561,614 Communication apparatus and communication method using digital wavelet multi carrier transmission system
14 7,561,609 Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
15 7,561,582 Data reception device
16 7,561,461 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
17 7,561,350 Optical unit and its manufacturing method
18 7,561,333 Method for manufacturing mold
19 7,561,112 Composite antenna device
20 7,561,080 Semiconductor integrated circuit
21 7,560,984 Transmitter
22 7,560,935 Ground-fault resistance measurement circuit and ground-fault detection circuit
23 7,560,901 Internal short detection apparatus for secondary-battery, internal short detection method for secondary-battery, battery-pack, and electronic equipment
24 7,560,803 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating the same
25 7,560,731 Organic electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
26 7,560,684 On-vehicle imaging device
27 7,560,655 Movable contact and push switch using the same
28 7,560,639 Electric power generation method using thermoelectric power generation element, thermoelectric power generation element and method of producing the same, and thermoelectric power generation device
29 7,560,367 Method for thermal processing with a RTP process using temperature spaces in radiation equilibrium
30 7,560,301 Coating liquid for forming organic layered film, method of manufacturing field effect transistor, and field effect transistor
31 7,560,268 Process for manufacturing biochip, probe solution, and biochip
32 7,560,214 Toner, process for producing toner, two-component developer and image forming apparatus
33 7,560,200 Mask data generation method
34 7,560,193 Secondary battery and method for producing the same
35 7,560,188 Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery
36 7,560,180 Gas diffusion layer and fuel cell using the same
37 7,559,823 Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
38 7,559,761 Injection molding machine, injection molding method and injection mold
39 7,559,656 Projector system
40 7,559,468 Reader/writer secure module access control method
41 7,559,163 Display device