Panasonic patents granted on 14 May 2013

54 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D682,433 Medical probe
2 D682,342 Lens for projector
3 D682,226 Electrostatic atomized water particle generating module
4 8,443,399 Digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast transmitter
5 8,443,381 API evaluation system in embedded device
6 8,443,173 Method for instructing a data processor to process data
7 8,443,017 Digital data processor
8 8,442,714 Autonomous mobile device, and control device and program product for the autonomous mobile device
9 8,442,696 Gas meter and gas safety system
10 8,442,676 Medication storage
11 8,442,569 Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method
12 8,442,459 Transmitter and communication apparatus using the same
13 8,442,382 Stream generation apparatus, stream generation method, coding apparatus, coding method, recording medium and program thereof
14 8,442,334 Image coding method and image decoding method based on edge direction
15 8,442,268 Video analysis apparatus and method for calculating interpersonal relationship evaluation value using video analysis
16 8,442,246 Hearing aid device and hearing aid method
17 8,442,153 Transmission circuit
18 8,442,130 Communication apparatus, communication method and integrated circuit
19 8,442,112 Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
20 8,441,936 Radio transmission apparatus, and radio transmission method
21 8,441,907 Complex objective lens including saw-tooth diffractive element for using on blue, red and infrared lights
22 8,441,839 Cross point variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
23 8,441,837 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
24 8,441,807 Electronic circuit
25 8,441,800 Vehicle-mounted electronic device
26 8,441,783 Information-processing equipment
27 8,441,728 Diffractive lens and image pickup device using the same
28 8,441,619 Photodetector and spatial information detecting device using the same
29 8,441,607 Display device with sufficient adhesive strength for sealing material
30 8,441,596 Liquid crystal display device having backlight with reflective member
31 8,441,572 Imaging device
32 8,441,568 Image apparatus prioritizing displayed attribute information for recognized people
33 8,441,559 Imaging apparatus and correction method of image data
34 8,441,538 Image generation apparatus and image generation method
35 8,441,527 Three-dimensional image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
36 8,441,519 Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
37 8,441,461 Touch panel and method of detecting press operation position thereof
38 8,441,186 Organic electroluminescence display device
39 8,441,130 Power supply interconnect structure of semiconductor integrated circuit
40 8,441,108 Nitride semiconductor element having electrode on m-plane and method for producing the same
41 8,441,060 Nonvolatile memory element and nonvolatile memory device incorporating nonvolatile memory element
42 8,441,035 Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
43 8,440,951 Wavelength conversion laser light source having dual optical receiver and a temperature control unit, and projection display device, liquid crystal display device and laser light source provided with same
44 8,440,935 Automatic welding equipment
45 8,440,928 Rotary electronic component
46 8,440,283 Optical information recording medium and method for producing same
47 8,440,089 Three-dimensional structure and its manufacturing method
48 8,439,848 Blood testing device
49 8,439,839 Ultrasonic diagnosis device and ultrasonic probe for use in ultrasonic diagnosis device
50 8,439,527 Bulb-type lamp and lighting device
51 8,439,512 Semiconductor lamp with wavelength converter and circuit component axially opposed from light source
52 8,439,478 Ink-jet wiping apparatus, and wiping method using this
53 8,439,437 Seat with heating device
54 8,438,693 Electric cleaner